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Monday, December 29, 2008

Welcome To The New Blog

Ok, so the more I try to learn about wordpress--the more they change everything. And since I get blogger here without issues--usually anyway--I am going to use this for my personal blog until I figure out the more professional wordpress.
Wordpress, btw, does work beautifully for my work blog--but I don't want to upload pictures or anything over there. It's strictly an article based blog.

Here we are, on the raggedy edge, the end of the year of 2008. And I have been thinking for over a week now about the things I want to do--and the way I want to keep track of everything. Breaking things into separate blogs last year (well, 2008) did not help me nor motivate me at all--in fact--it more than ticked me off a little. Even with my whole blogging without obligation thing going on.

I decided one blog would be--should be--more than enough to make me happy--and keep me that way. But the old blog--has alot of other stuff attached to it. I purge my journals periodically--especially after leaving toxic situations--and although 2008 wasn't too bad (not like say 2001/02 or 2006--but there was alot going on--that no longer has bearing on things right now.

Plus I am really looking forward to the coming year. :-) I have a feeling about 2009--and it's one of those feelings that makes me both happy--and frightened--all at the same time. A good sort of frightened--but still.

So--here I am. Going about things all over again.

I am planning to leave the old blogs up and running--for the most part. Otherwise, I plan to use this blog as much as I can and as much as I am able.

Much more to come.

Peace. :-)