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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Still Not Caught Up From Saturday Yet

Saturday Six – Another Random Six!

Where were you 2 hours ago?
doing what I am now-on the line w a client

What is the first blue item you see?
does the blue on the computer screen count?
next would be the suction cup bookmark I crocheted a hundred years ago

Do your prefer use a pen with black or blue ink?

When was the last time you skinny dipped?
not since I was a teen-ager

What did your last text message say?
it's been years so I have no clue

Where is your best friend?
right now...out w people drinking and having fun

Manic Monday Times Two

Manic Monday 174

What is the longest love relationship (partner) you have had, and if it has ended, why?
15 years-because he couldn't keep his pants on, not with men or women....

What is on your bedside table?
books, lotion, alarm clock, air purifier, silk scarf

How many pillows do you have on your bed? Do you make your bed every day?
right now four, but sometimes six -- so I can sit up and read or type
I pull the blankets up every day to keep the dog off my sheets--I don't think it should qualify as officially making the bed

Manic Monday 173

Do you usually wear perfume/cologne? If so, what's your current favorite?
nope and I haven't actually owned real parfum, the stuff I usually wear, since I got involved with the ex-husband
I used to wear a combination of three I'd be happy to just have some opium....

What's the last book you've read that you thought was really good? If you don't have one, what looks promising on your to-be-read list?

a really good? depends on what I am trying to get from a book.
People of the Whale by Linda Hogan is an incredible book. There are few people I know that would be able to get this book without someone sitting down and explaining things to them.
I read four books by Mercy Thompson by Patricia Briggs in three days and I love them; there were awesome.
I sat and read all the Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris, devoured them like cotton candy.
But I have a stack of non-fiction that is terrific.

Fill in the blank: I wouldn't be caught dead _________.
uhm, sitting on any of the ex's laps--or uhm indulging any of the ex's ex's and their uhm whims. (as in no 4 ways or anything of that nature....)

Unfinished WIP

This is the beginning of ... something magical. :-)
That pile of leaves and debris or whatever at the bottom, that's maya, disillusionment, all the weird little daily garbage that we (I) tend to collect. This is the purging fires of the Kali Ma, in several of Her forms.
I have some ideas about shapes and things that need to be included in the fire...this is going to be a mixed media piece too, as soon as I decide 1 on the shape of the things I plan to include and 2 the material I am going to use for each shape.....

Last Week's Illustration Friday


All I could think of that came to mind so clear is river rocks, the stones washed over and over by the streams and rivers and waters flowing.

The rock I drew doesn't look like much with no background. So I included the picture of the rock I based my sketch off of...

Blue Book Pictures

My Rubber Stamp

The Best Dog Toy In The World

A big twisted ball of rope toy--she tore into it and started shredding it into strings--it's a wonderful thing--for the dog.

And yes, we did it--we shaved the rest the dog's butt so her body would match her butt--at least as far as she would let me.

Ken thinks it's pretty neat actually, because now when I run my hand over her back she can actually feel it. I had to tone down the pressure I use to pet her now because it's too much for her without all the fur.

The Girls

The Dog Helping Me Work

She is so loyal and faithful and steady...and un-moving....

Dad's Card

This is the front of dad's card.
I didn't take a picture of the inside where I drew several bumble bees within the message.

More Flowers


I placed an order with yourATCstore not too long ago (awesome selection, super fast turn around and shipping and so uber-friendly too) and they sent me a free diy ATC kit. I doubt I did what they wanted or expected with it, but the freebies were very cool.
I always do things my way.
What they sent did seem to really fit in well with the theme of my life at the time. I was hard at work with the dream windows a la Artella and Making Change w My Muse (and I am still not done there--not even half-way through--thank goodness it's an ecourse :-) )

Kinda makes me laugh. I made this at about the same time my dad sent me a money tree made out of Oriental coins. :-)


Ok, so season 1 is pretty cool--once i stopped thinking about the books. Lafayette in the show is so sexy. I love that attitude.
Uhm, I wonder, did ya'll read the book BEFORE you cast that lovely lady as Pam, cause uhm isn't Pam about 19 or so, and this chick is what 45? And I am not going near Eric. I will keep the Eric in my mind.

But once i got out of the books, all I could think was--if I see Jason's naked backside just one more time I'm not watching this anymore, period. And thankfully they started leaving him running around in his tighty whiteys there. The boy is yummy to look at -- but enough is enough really. Can't wait to see him were-panther out though. :-)

What did I get out of all of TrueBlood the series?
Well, it did take me awhile to place Anna Paquin. I know her. I know her name. I could not name not one single movie I'd seen her in. Til Rogue hit me. :-) (Xmen) Lovely. :-)

But what else. What else?

I have a thing for creature's eyes, doncha know. :-) The gator in the intro did it for me every time. I learned alot about my remote control that day, the first day I lay on the couch child-free and scoping out the whole season all at once.

Here ya go:

Too bad my original scribble to see if I could wing the shapes right got written on -- hey! I needed to scribble some note of something down real quick and it was all I could find! Not that I cannot replicate it...although in the end it wasn't much of an eye, but more like visual origami...although I don't suppose anyone gets what I am trying to say anymore than I would if I read it from someone's just the feeling the little doodle evoked in me. Something about its precise placement and shaping.

Anyway....there we go...


The lilies waited til E was gone for the weekend before the yellow ones started to bloom. Literally, that afternoon, the first yellow one blossomed out. We were surprised. It was a very nice thing.

The Iris

They lasted about a week and now are gone.
My grandmother's used to last and last. I don't know what else to do with these. Or even if I am supposed to. I guess I have to look.
They sure were pretty.
The glads are finally blooming. Very nice. I have to go get some pics of that here soon too. Was hoping more would bloom today...


Seems that NONE of the seeds I planted took. I can throw seeds out w the old bird food and they grow, but everything I planted seems to have gotten too water logged or eaten--or both. Nothing has come up. But I still have this and it isn't going anywhere. :-)

My Tree's Foot

I've used the reference photo before on this blog, not too long ago.
Got the picture from
Something about trees just always does it for me, from photographing them to drawing them to everything in between.
My spirit longs for the forest, all too often.

Tree ATC

This is an ATC of a tree in the neighbourhood actually that I caught a brief glimpse of. I wasn't too sure of the paper w these cards, because i bought them a LONG time ago from oriental trading company for basically practising purposes.
I didn't realise it, but the ink needed to dry so the one corner is smudged a bit.
This card is the reason I bought my personalised rubber stamp (samples will be provider when I am able-my scanner has stopped speaking to the mac again for some reason).

If ever you need a personalised stamp, BearRubberStamps is the BOMB, baby. :-)
I'd been looking at stamps for awhile now anyway for other reasons. I saw one of her designs and knew it was the one for me. It only took a couple hours for her to work up a proof--and I am probably the reason it took hours since i wasn't checking my email the entire time too. It was in the mail the next day, and within 2 days it was in my hand. Nearly every other place I saw with rubber stamps said 1-2 weeks, and sometimes more. So this was just fantastic.
Even with all my information it still fits on the back of an ATC with ease, which is why I ended up buying it. This way, my name, blog address and email address are always right there and I don't have to worry about my spelling, my handwriting or anything else. Just the consistency of the ink. Wonderful! :-)


Illustration Friday. Not this past Friday (which is worn)--but the Friday prior.

On The Trail of the Donkey

This was to go along with a story for the Inner Donkey trek w SoulFoodCafe, but I have since changed directions and am about to begin following the Serpentine path elsewhere. But the drawing still stands.
Yes, it is a donkey's butt. Do you know how long it took to find a picture to use as reference?
And I personally never did find one--although I found alot of really horrid other stuff. My boyfriend found this one picture...he's good. :-) Thankfully.

Nature's Art

before the sun took its toll and the blooms faded....

First ACEO Ever

Playing A Day Late

This is just a little goofy thing I did.
I was playing w beeswax crayons and then I finished it out with coloured pencils.
It's an octopus. a whale's tail and a mermaid's tail.

Remember when I was worried about picking up too much from Leah and her whales in her art?
Then I noticed I have a clear glass whale on my personal altar. And I have had this whale on my altar for four or more years, at least.
And as I look around my house, I see things like the stuffed toy walrus I have tossed around on top of bookcases for years. I have alot of ocean stuff laying around here,

Kind of funny when you stop and think. I'm a Pisces. I'm very ocean oriented. I have a thing for mermaids. A BIG thing. Heck, my major Muse of late is a type of Kelpie. Of very Oceanic origins.

Funny. The things that crop up for and with me.

Past Time For Updating!

Well, I meant to update and do lots of things yesterday, but the boyfriend came over. :-)
We got the big window a/c unit installed. Works great actually.
Still not a replacement for a whole house unit--but it does work and we won't be dying from heat exhaustion.
Which also means my major excuse for procrastination is now gone.
Here's hoping I don't find a new one. :-)

I hadn't realised how long it's been since i posted any art work. Or anything else for that matter.

So, I am planning to do quite a bit f updating today, so please stand by.

Here's something to keep you busy.
Self-portrait of a sorts. This is just my typical view when I am looking for inspiration.
And, yes, those are a matched pair of socks. I have two pairs just like that. Well, I have several pairs in this same vein, but I love them.