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Thursday, June 4, 2009

8 Things: Guiding Values

Today's 8 Things by Magpie Girl are Guiding Values......
I have to give this a little bit of thought own personal guiding values.....

for myself first and others

again, for myself first, then for others, sometimes whether they deserve it or not

3-creativity, in all things
which may or may not be an excuse to be as weird as I want to be about any and everything

some days I study weird things, just because i can--self-education is very important to me-and I share what I have when I can

of self, body and mind, past and future with the present, family life, work life, you name it
integration is a foundation, if you will, towards balance

again, with family, friends, loved ones
with the Past, the past, the future and the present
with my Spiritual Core
with my Self

of self, of others
I guess this is a form of support, both self-support and supporting others

capital L
love of self, love of partner, love of family, love of life, love of fresh fruit, love of fresh bread, love of the outdoors, love of the moonlight streaming down upon me, love of so many things and that much more.....
Love is my freedom.....