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Saturday, June 27, 2009


8 Signs of Re-Entry

Magpie Girl asks:
""So this week’s list is all about the *8Things you experience upon returning to a favorite spot. What is is like when you go to your childhood home? Are there patterns you immediately fall into?"""

Where am I going?
Who's with me?

This one is alot tougher than it seems. I don't usually go back to anywhere.

1. I know walking into my dad's the first thing I do is check out what new movies he has.

2. I know walking into my mom's the first thing I do is smile at the dogs and talk to the bird.

3. I know walking into bf's house the first thing I do is get mobbed by dogs, and try to figure out if I brought them treats. And if not, then I go to their treat box and get them one I didn't bring. :-)

4. I know walking into the ex's house (which is really rare cause he can't stand having me there...) the first thing I do is look for the cat.

5. The first thing I do upon reaching an area close enough to Dad's is stare at the gouges cut into the mountainside and smile, looking for the turkey buzzards flying .

6. At mom's, I look to see if she's up, and if she needs help in the kitchen.

7. At dad's I look to see if we can talk him into the Chinese restaurant in Little Washington.

8. Walking into my own home, the first thing I do is pet the dog and tease her for not being able to come anywhere with us, at least when it's hot out anyway.