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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Quick Catch-Up

Hybrid J is so right about Eric Maisel. In "the Creativity Book', the first assignment is write 2500 words about yourself, your autobiography. My first thought was WTF, do I REALLY have to? 2500 words....about me?

Then R gave me the perfect opportunity, the perfect reason to explore some things. So, it may not have started I was bourn, I lived, I died. But it did start at a place in my life, travel back to pick up past loops, and return to both present and future. And it was 3080 words of very important and useful stuff I needed to explore. Colour me the lion with the thorn in my paw and this assignment the mouse to pull it out. Win/win scenario.

Exercise 1B is naming 5 obstacles. I think that can wait til tomorrow for me.

I did sign up for 3 months of working w Heather Blakey. The trip officially begins in July, but the warm-ups have already begun. It's been so hot these past few days I've accomplished nothing at all. Although I do have my character ready. K. I know who she is. I know where she's from. I have no idea what she wants. But then again, I have no idea where she's going either. I may speak of our journey along the Serpentine Road in are more than welcome to join us.

Journal wrecking. I think I have been so depressed that I couldn't upload any more pics to flickr in the month of June that I sort of left the journal lay where it fell, quite literally. I've kicked it out of my way a few times, but not much more than that. I was upset I couldn't upload ten of the pictures I had ready to load last time.
I want to upload Nik's pics as soon as I am able. Or I need to find another way/place to upload pics. I've never been overjoyed w flickr though.

I did officially start working for myself on Monday. It is slow going at the moment, but I know it will build.
I have to focus more on marketing and putting myself out there.
So, to repeat myself, the toll free number, available in Canada and the US, is 1 888 693 8437 ext 03639640, for $1.99 per minute.
I am openly available without appointment from 9a-12N CST, Mon-Sat.
I take appointments at darn near any other time throughout the week.
I really like this system. They are very thorough. One client didn't like the initial process of all the information he had to give with the credit card. It took awhile. But I like that. I much prefer this system. And I hate to say it, but I am earning 3 times more with this line than I am on the network.
I have cut my hours down on the network to 12N to 9p, CST. And even then, I am not worried when I take the evening off to spend time w R. I need him alot more than I need them.

Living Your Unlived Life. I refuse to do the exercise at the end of chapter 2 in a public forum. At least openly in that manner. Gods know, I do it often enough anyway. It's all about family, all of whom have access to this blog and all my others, if they are so inclined. I have no desire to pour salt all over old wounds and re-open alot of stuff I know hasn't closed for everyone involved, much less myself. But I am loving this book.

The Creative Entrepreneur by Lisa Sonora Beam.
Have I mentioned this one yet?
Amazon delivered it just the other day last week. I think. It's been a long week.

Because of this book, I brought out all my blue painted pages, and bound them between to recycled journal board covers. The journal itself had fallen apart. I took the two covers, repainted them, and made use of them. Right now it is held together by two metal book binder rings. I have alot more work to do on the spine that doesn't touch the paper within. I set this book up the way I wanted it, not the way anyone or anything else told me to do it. I want as few holes in the paper as possible. Two are fine. Each sheet of paper was folded in half and bound as is. As in, I did not create smaller books and sew them all together. Each individual page became a two page spread. Voila. Unconnected to any other page except that they are bound within the same covers.

I made the book, then decided I did not want to use it for my Creative Entrepreneur project. :-) So, the blue book, as it is now called, is following me around while I decide what to do with the open spine. Although I do open it up quite frequently just to look at the colours on the pages. I am just not sure I could replicate those again. Although I would dearly love that I know so much more about paper in general...there will be time on down the line...I know.

I picked up another pre-made journal I've had laying around literally for years. I gessoed the first two pages to remove the copyright and other blah blah blah stuff. It's an Anne Geddes 'Down in the Garden' journal. I love Anne Geddes. The whole garden theme seemed right for this enterprise. I want to grow my business. It's a garden's just so perfect.

On to 12 Secrets. I am at the end of chapter 2. I have to answer the questions at the end.
I'm getting there. :-)

As I've said, the heat, well, more the humidity, has been horrid here, and the guy has yet to make good on his promise of the a/c unit for the house...or the window a/c units to "tide (us) over" til he can get the unit for the house. I am not at all happy about this...and as I get sicker from the heat, the more likely it is I will ask for someone else's help, to be sure I get that a/c unit for the house. Got a recommendation on an attorney today. Depending on how things go tomorrow, if anything happens at all, even window units, then we'll see if I feel I have to call.

The a/c was the deal breaker for me when I saw this house. The guy assured me he'd have the a/c unit in for this summer.
If I had known he'd pull these stunts, I would have gone after the house in Florissant instead....but I am done playing 'what if' for the night... :-)
It's 90 degrees in this house during the day...and the weather hasn't turned that hot yet...this will not continue.

The frakkin' bird is going to die at this rate. The fish already committed suicide--it leapt to its death outside the bowl, begging to be cooler...not that I blame it. I will not allow the bird to come to harm...nor the dog...nor the kids....


What else is there?

Oh, the 100 drawings in 100 days project.
Well, I sort of fell off the wagon. I didn't complete any pictures yesterday. But I drew a whole bunch of them out. So far, none of them have been coloured or finished.
Then again, I also have about 4 mixed media ATCs started, backgrounds only thus far. Hmm.
And then there's today. This heat is really hitting me hard. Much harder than I could have anticipated. I printed out someone else's black and white drawing, enlarged, turned it into a colouring book page. I am working for a story to go with this certain picture. The fairy in the piece speaks to me, alot. She always has seemed to, ever since I first laid eyes on her. :-) I will reveal her, and her amazing creatrix (because it sure wasn't me) once i have everything together better.

I have not given up trying. I have not given up working. I still draw. Every day. Whether I complete every one or not.

The whole garden thing hit me, resonating with me. I will have to find the link to the one lady's gorgeous art journal that really smacked me upside the head with its perfection. It was about a metaphorical seed my brain went draw the whimsical version, we should try to draw the actual version as the two gardens can be seen to grow side by side. I have a set of pencilled in ATC cards waiting for me to add more detail and to add colour. I am getting there. :-)

My writing has been spotty for the most part, but I am usually over my 1000 word per day goal. I just don't always have something to show the public at the end of the day.
Today alone, not counting anything to do with this post, I've written over 5000 words. And published most of them in one forum or another.
I am still far behind on the writing I should be doing, but I am getting things done.

And now, I must be off. There is a cool shower awaiting me ... and what I hope is a clean bed for far the dog doesn't seem to have yanked the covers back or anything. As she tosses her chew bone in the air to catch it and fetch it, she might just snatch the covers back and run with them. Oh, the things that dog could do...anyway...
I am off. Alot of reading and other things to do later on.