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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Playing A Day Late

This is just a little goofy thing I did.
I was playing w beeswax crayons and then I finished it out with coloured pencils.
It's an octopus. a whale's tail and a mermaid's tail.

Remember when I was worried about picking up too much from Leah and her whales in her art?
Then I noticed I have a clear glass whale on my personal altar. And I have had this whale on my altar for four or more years, at least.
And as I look around my house, I see things like the stuffed toy walrus I have tossed around on top of bookcases for years. I have alot of ocean stuff laying around here,

Kind of funny when you stop and think. I'm a Pisces. I'm very ocean oriented. I have a thing for mermaids. A BIG thing. Heck, my major Muse of late is a type of Kelpie. Of very Oceanic origins.

Funny. The things that crop up for and with me.