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Monday, June 8, 2009

June Theme (CED): Sound

A sound I have not heard in a very long time and suddenly heard again last week:
the rhythmic clicking of my metal knitting needles as I began to work on the second baby blanket for the twins.
There is already a third one being designed in my head, using the left-over skeins from these two blankets.

(Again, note, not pregnant, not planning to get pregnant, just planning ahead for when it does come...)

The sound of my knitting needles as I work quietly in bed, my son asleep next to me, snoring , loudly.

Who knew how much that could mean to me? How deeply satisfying, deeply calming, so very meditative, that could make me feel?

Either the knitting or the snoring. :-)

I hadn't realised it had been so very long since i had last picked up my needles.

Now I know.

I don't want to let that gap happen again, although it probably will. But next time, not for so long.