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Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Ok, so season 1 is pretty cool--once i stopped thinking about the books. Lafayette in the show is so sexy. I love that attitude.
Uhm, I wonder, did ya'll read the book BEFORE you cast that lovely lady as Pam, cause uhm isn't Pam about 19 or so, and this chick is what 45? And I am not going near Eric. I will keep the Eric in my mind.

But once i got out of the books, all I could think was--if I see Jason's naked backside just one more time I'm not watching this anymore, period. And thankfully they started leaving him running around in his tighty whiteys there. The boy is yummy to look at -- but enough is enough really. Can't wait to see him were-panther out though. :-)

What did I get out of all of TrueBlood the series?
Well, it did take me awhile to place Anna Paquin. I know her. I know her name. I could not name not one single movie I'd seen her in. Til Rogue hit me. :-) (Xmen) Lovely. :-)

But what else. What else?

I have a thing for creature's eyes, doncha know. :-) The gator in the intro did it for me every time. I learned alot about my remote control that day, the first day I lay on the couch child-free and scoping out the whole season all at once.

Here ya go:

Too bad my original scribble to see if I could wing the shapes right got written on -- hey! I needed to scribble some note of something down real quick and it was all I could find! Not that I cannot replicate it...although in the end it wasn't much of an eye, but more like visual origami...although I don't suppose anyone gets what I am trying to say anymore than I would if I read it from someone's just the feeling the little doodle evoked in me. Something about its precise placement and shaping.

Anyway....there we go...