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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Goals Revisited

I have one goal here:

On June 21, Father's Day, the First Day of Summer, Summer Solstice, I plan to cut my hours in half with the network. I will work half the day for my own network and clients, half the day for theirs.

This is only to ensure that I have an influx of income while I make the transition.

Thanks to Sarah, I have the knowledge to set up my own paying blog.
I began that process today. I was stumped on how to retain my 'name brand', The KnittingJourneyman, and still let it be known I sell stuff here...add into it the plethora of things that may make it on to said blog, and I was really worried.

Never fear. I found something so simple: For Sale By The KnittingJourneyman.
Silly, but simple.

The blog is not set up, merely up in cyber place. I shall be working on it the next couple days.

Things you can expect to see from me for sale: original artwork (thanks to Sarah's committed faith in my abilities, among others), knitted items and crocheted items (which could mean anything from shawls to toys to clothing....), knitting patterns, candles, soaps, poetry collections....ya never know.....

I trust in the Universe to ground me and to support me, to uplift me during the troubled times and to keep me safe. I trust the Universe to show me the correct Path to take and to help me get there and to get through it. I trust the Universe as I am Guided and Protected.
I trust I shall succeed and do well.

So mote it be.