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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tree ATC

This is an ATC of a tree in the neighbourhood actually that I caught a brief glimpse of. I wasn't too sure of the paper w these cards, because i bought them a LONG time ago from oriental trading company for basically practising purposes.
I didn't realise it, but the ink needed to dry so the one corner is smudged a bit.
This card is the reason I bought my personalised rubber stamp (samples will be provider when I am able-my scanner has stopped speaking to the mac again for some reason).

If ever you need a personalised stamp, BearRubberStamps is the BOMB, baby. :-)
I'd been looking at stamps for awhile now anyway for other reasons. I saw one of her designs and knew it was the one for me. It only took a couple hours for her to work up a proof--and I am probably the reason it took hours since i wasn't checking my email the entire time too. It was in the mail the next day, and within 2 days it was in my hand. Nearly every other place I saw with rubber stamps said 1-2 weeks, and sometimes more. So this was just fantastic.
Even with all my information it still fits on the back of an ATC with ease, which is why I ended up buying it. This way, my name, blog address and email address are always right there and I don't have to worry about my spelling, my handwriting or anything else. Just the consistency of the ink. Wonderful! :-)