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Saturday, June 20, 2009

8 Things On Saturday

What *8 Songs connect you to the Divine?

Songs for the Soul.

I don't know if I can can pick individual songs.
I can give you artists though. I'm not sure if I can give you 8.

1. Anything by Moya Brennan these days leaves me floored the moment I hear the intro.

2. Everything by Deva Premal, because she just sends me every time I hear her.

3. Violin music, even violent music.

4. Classical music on piano unaccompanied.

5. Most music on acoustic guitar.

6. Basic drumming, but only in the sense of trance music. So that counts towards the Divine.

7. The sound of the wind blowing.

8. Ocean waves rocking and crashing.

I adore the sound of water rushing over rocks too. Probably more than I like man-made sounds/noise.

Now my brain is percolating, trying to find other things to connect me to the Divine more deeply.
Thank you for that opportunity, Magpie Girl.