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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Need To Get Back In The Swing

For Today...

Outside my window... bright bright sunlight.

I am thinking... thank goodness for two things: the man I love and air conditioning.

From the learning rooms...I have alot of work to do to properly market my business and get myself out there.

I am thankful for... R. Hands down right now, it's him. Next comes N and E. Then comes air conditioning. :-)
Sorry-but we've been without a/c and just got it--it's a very good thing. Today is the first day in awhile I've felt almost decent and human.

From the kitchen... rainbow cupcakes (we experimented with food colouring and white cake mix) and chocolate cupcakes. Later today there will be banana bread and maybe waffles too.

I am wearing... My favourite blue paisley shirt my dd picked out for me before we moved from WV and a pair of old jeans that are comfy. And this killer nail polish that is such a dark blue-ish purple it looks black. :-)

I am reading... People of the Whale by Linda Hogan.

I am hoping... that my own off-line business takes off and I can leave the network permanently.

I am creating... the space where my work comes easily and happily and all parties are satisfied.

I am praying... every single day.

Around the house... way too many plants growing all too well that shouldn't, while the ones that should seem to fade away too fast. But at least we are surrounded by green, and even the so-called weeds have flowers that smell beautiful, especially first thing in the morning.

One of my favorite things... is playing with my kids.

A few plans for the rest of the week...
re-arranging the kitchen, which will entail re-arrangng the storage room.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...

Both my kids and me at the indoor playground at our local dairy queen...