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Friday, June 12, 2009

Taking Inventory

Taking an Inventory of Unlived Life: An Exercise

Now that I have actually typed out the questions, I am stunned I thought I should do this in public......but I said I would, so here I may take some time.

* How would you title your life story?

The Havoc I Cause? The Havoc In Me?
Return to The Living.
Gone Through to The Other Side
I Walked Through the Valley

* What have been the critical crossroads or turning points in your life? we have time/space for this?
Top of my head:
Parents divorce. Leaving Ma and Jay to go to AL w Dad and family. Moving to WV. Leaving WV. Escaping school via graduation. KS. Terry. Rowan. Moving to St Louis. R and her crew. Ev. Different R. Massage school. Nik. Moving to MD. The time we spent in WV. Moving back here. R (the different one) again, in a completely different way

That's the very simple version.

* When and where have you experienced major losses and disappointments?

See the above list, but stop before the last two.

* What were some of the missed opportunities or paths not taken?

Again, I am going to refer you to the second question, stop before you read the last one.

* What has been the nature of your friendships? Are you a good friend?

I am told I am a really good friend. At least, that's what my friends say. I think I'm a space cadet. I am die-hard loyal and prone to over-protectiveness of my friends. Real friends I keep; others I am not too concerned about. I have alot of friendly type people in my 'Verse rather than real trusted do anything for you type friends...but the internet has brought me several of the die-hard do anything for you types....much to my joy and surprise....

* Do you keep a balance of looking after yourself and others?

Here's something I have actually learned to work more with, although it's not perfect. I am a mother and the kids come first. For the most part (I am NOT cleaning my 8yo's room for her-she has to learn to be responsible and take care of her own things...)
I do tend to put other's before my own needs, but I am getting better at setting boundaries. Thanks in large part to the network job I have at the moment. It sort of became mandatory when I needed to have space and silence in order to do my job.

* Which talents and abilities have you not applied?

Sheesh. I have a list.
I should be teaching more, writing more, drawing and painting and sculpting and designing more.
I should be reading more, studying more. I should be outside way more--which would lead to connecting more.
I should be planting more, growing more.
I should be working w my hands more, building more.
I should be talking more, sharing more w clients.
With friends and otherwise.
This is merely the beginning....