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Friday, June 12, 2009

Coming Soon

The incomparable Sarah has given me the knowledge to set up my own selling blog.

I have not yet set this blog up--but I am going to.
Right now I am planning to sell hand-made knitted and crocheted items.
Maybe I will work with my fibers more if I am selling things rather than letting them pile up until I give them to whatever shelter is closest....
I've been pulling out higher-end yarns of late and I refuse to let go of them willingly.

I just wanted to let you know.

AND, I was saying in a previous post, things are moving and shaking for me.
I set up my own toll free number yesterday.
1 888 6938437
ext 03639640
Right now I have it set up to arrange an appointment.
It is $1.99 per minute.

Since I am new to the system, I am still working things out and learning.

I think you'd have more luck making an appointment w me if we corresponded via email first.
I don't plan to log in to the system unless I have an appointment.

If you need an idea of what it is I do....I really don't have a short answer for you.
I can point you over to my 'work blog', The Silken Thread
I have plenty of articles and information there for you.

And no, you do not have to go through the toll free system.
You can email me and we can make arrangements that way as well.
I am pretty easy actually. :-)

Here's to a brand-new day!