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Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Day 3 of my 100 days of drawing...I am still drawing today too....I did three drawings just today....all mandalas today....but they still count...and these ones are all done in colour.

I have indeed drawn every single day, since June 1. I have my elephant to colour in, my tree and a sunflower. So, the elephant doesn't count towards this goal, but still...

My order arrived today and I am such a happy girl.
Yes, next chance I get I am getting the full big set of prismacolour coloured pencils.
Yes, the dickblick coloured pencils are adequate. Way better than the kids pencils I have been using...but nowhere near so nice as the prismacolour.
I like them decently enough.
They are working for me. :-)

Haven't had the time nor chance to test out the papers or the markers...or the modeling paste...or gel medium...but I am very eager to play with the modeling paste...

I drew a face tonight--learned alot in the process. She's all coloured. Thalias, she's called. Will post pics later on. I am happy enough with this start, even though she is not what I wanted to do...too much erasing in the beginning....but that works for me. She isn't the best, but she definitely isn't the worst either. Wish I had more skin tones. Looks like getting the portraiture set of pencils might have been a good idea. Will keep that in mind for later on.

In other news: been keeping up with my writing goals, even if I haven't posted very much of it....still have alot more to do. Have several bits that still need to be turned out....otherwise...there are always dishes to be done... :-)
Not to mention--the dread laundry....