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Friday, June 12, 2009

Living Your Unlived Life

"Living Your Unlived Life" written by Robert A Johnson and Jerry M Ruhl, PhD

I told you that Heather Blakey recommended this book to me.

My copy arrived, in pristine condition.

I am thinking that posting my work throughout this book is going to be good for me...may help me see things I would otherwise miss.

The first thing I did--flipping through the book while on a call w a client (a decent one, not a freaking out one)--was take the Unlived Life Inventory (in the appendix). If you read the book, it will make sense. If you haven't, I'm doing this now and I will do it after I finish the book and we'll be comparing the scores.

Outer Life: I scored an 18.

Inner Life: I scored a 20.

Deeper Life: I scored a 27.

Greater Life: I scored a 27.

What you are seeking to have here is more of a balance in all categories.

SInce I want to make sure I post something about this book tonight, and it is way too close to midnight, I am going to stop here for the moment.

BUT, the answers to the first exercise (p 16) is coming, very soon......