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Monday, December 29, 2008

Well, Those Who Know Me Knew It Was Coming

Ok, so I watched 'Wanted' with Angelina Jolie. I can deal with it. It's not a bad movie, just not really the kind I like. I prefer knowing just what the back-story to all of this 'stuff' is rather than watching the blood and gore and ultra-violence. Except in certain moods. Do not get me wrong--I liked the movie--it's just not one of my top ten all time picks.

I want to know things like why the weavers became assassins. Who learned to curve the bullets and what were they doing that caused them to have such a discovery. That thing. What I do not need is more visions of bad sex, cheaters having bad sex, and stupid people trapped in lives they hate--or of the sad individuals trapped in those lives finding out they are some sort of fantasy super-hero.

But--it's kind of obvious I have a thing for tattoos. I have so many tattoos--and small ones--the biggest one I have is roughly 5x7--most are only a couple inches big around--I have so many I actually have to stop and count--and then count again because I miss some. Every time.

Anyway, I love Angelina Jolie's tattoos in this movie--or just the fact that she showed them all on film. I am no longer impressed with Angelina naked--I'm sorry. I am not dissing the woman or saying anything negative about her. She is still absolutely gorgeous. But--the whole wow she's naked thing with her has lost the appeal with me. Maybe it's the whole she's someone's mother and now she feels the need to show off that much more because of it or something. I don't know.

I spent some time online looking up celebrity tattoos. And then just tattoos in general.

Now --I have been planning a bronze Chinese wind dragon running from my ankle all the way up to my waist--winding up my leg, opposite the octopus.
I have been planning a small forest on my chest to compliment the wolf.
And since the moment the ink first hit my lower spine for the om I have wanted something that goes all the way up my spine--I originally wanted om mani padme hum from the top of my spine to the bottom--but it morphed into the single symbol.
I want to find a design that incorporates all the symbols on my back--from lower spine to the top of my neck--or at least up to the tree. I have been dreaming about swirling wings and Oriental designs--but in order to make everything fit properly, flowing properly. And believe it or not, I cannot have certain images permanently placed upon my body.

I know it has to be black ink--which is my preferred medium anyway--the design must flow like water--it must have something wing-like--and it must incorporate at least four of the five tattoos on my back. It cannot have spider-webs or webbing to it. Some colour can be used, but overall black ink is the name of the day. It can have knot-work galore--as well as fish scales....I need to maintain a very Oriental symbology -- incorporating all the aspects I started with the rest of the tattoos.

I am going to have bf take a picture of my back for me so I can start working up a design. I'll keep you posted.