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Friday, September 10, 2010

Boy's Birthday

            I love rainy mornings.  Today is nippy and damp.  No rain as yet, but it is plain to see that it fell overnight.  I woke up early, because R’s alarm did not go off.  Not that that is why I woke up; that’s just the first thing I heard this morning, him telling me the alarm did not go off, after he finished with his shower.

            Today my son turns 7.  Seven.  I so am not going there right now.  If I start down that path, I’m going to boo hoo all the way to Atlanta and back…and I do have no desire to go to Atlanta these days (sorry, GA…no offense…you’re just not at my backdoor anymore…and the trip is a b*tch to make in high heels…)
            What did I accomplish yesterday?  I threw myself into a near asthmatic fit trying to find my doll face molds….I cannot stay in the basement for more than 5-10 minutes at a time.  And even then, I have to make sure I have taken my allergy pills before I descend, unless I am working on laundry.  Still, every trip downstairs has its repercussions.  It’s the rabbit hay…when my throat started to close and one eye nearly swollen shut, I decided then it was time to flee the basement and hit the showers…and try to calm my brain down enough to breathe.
            I never found my face molds.  I even looked this morning.  R says they are in a box.  Yeah.  Ok then.  Good luck with that.  I will go later today and grab a new mold, or a stamp, or something…
            What did I find? 
            Wow—did you know I used to paint?  On actual canvas?  So it is not exquisite canvas or anything…but I have two paintings, small 9x12in pictures, that I painted myself.  One is a collage and not for sale…if I remember correctly it was my first playtime with modeling paste.  It was also a dreamboard too, if I remember…it’s not right here with me, so I don’t know what I wrote on the back.
            I found a big stash of sewing supplies.  After assembling my sewing kit into one big place (which I still haven’t written about…yet) , I was sort of whiny because I had lost just so much stuff.  Now, I knew I had my scissors all together, but still packed away...but I found stashes of needles and of sewing notions, of measuring tapes and safety pins.  I have yet to find my original stash of safety pins, but no harm there.  They weren’t the good coil-less kind, so I’m fine.   
            I found so many things last night—not anything for which I was looking, but hey.  I found my other two spirit dolls…so now I can take pictures and have them up on the blogKerry the Glass fairy sparked a couple ideas about having online portfolios of my work…so there I need to go…
            I found some of my drawings and scribbling (as in pictures, not text).  I am thinking I may be ok at this sale in November.
            I got up this morning, feeling ever like the mermaid struck a bargain and now living on land, fighting every ounce of everything just to be able to move—don’t worry—once I get moving, everything is ok, except the pain in my feet…I took an allergy pill on an empty stomach—not always a bright thing to do…and went downstairs to shovel through some boxes.  Did I find my molds?  Nope.  I did find some stuff for the kids, some of the dream catchers my mother made, some examples of my key dolls that I plan to make for the sale…I am feeling well enough about that now.  Although I don’t really want to part with the one 9x12in painting of the tree…I think I really do need to bite the bullet and have some of the merchandise in my brain made up and offered for sale…
            What else did I do this morning?  Well, I did not finish seaming N’s Captain America sweater yet… I am not happy w my seaming.  There is the real reason I have hemmed and hawed and waited so long to seam the thing.  I did find the star for the chest last night during my basement search…the sweater will be done before N gets here this evening…
            I still need to wrap everything.  His blanket is not done, nor will it be.  However, my boy gave me the solution to my three skein dilemma the other day when we were all at hobby lobby, last Monday.  He does love to help pick things out.  While we were there, he handed me two balls of yarn, one red and one white.  I asked him what I was supposed to make for him with them and he said I don’t know.  Well, I put those two back, since I was only there for the yarn for his chain maille sweater…but the idea kept sitting there.  I know I have white red heart super saver in my stash…actually it’s more of an off-white, but still.  The second color stripe on his blanket is off-white.  His blanket will be white and red…and I know that will make him happy.
            Add into that I am now more determined than ever to find a dvd of finishing techniques for my knitting.  No wonder I prefer to work seamless items…to the point where I won’t even bother contemplating seamed projects, unless I feel a need to re-write the pattern for myself in the round…and so far, I have plenty of seamless patterns to choose from.  Writing it out for  myself is superfluous.
            His red chain maille sweater…I made the mistake of working on it while I was tired…I need to frog about 6 rows, and since I am wimpy about doing it…I’m stalling on that.  Not that I ever thought, not after Wednesday anyway, that I would have it done in time for his birthday or anything…but still….
            I need to run to the store yet.  N requires a red chocolate cake for his birthday.  We fluked into red icing at the store the other day—so woo hoo.  I keep thinking red velvet cake, red velvet cake…but I am thinking N won’t like red velvet cake…so I am making a combination of the two…plus lots of cupcakes….We’ll see how it goes.  I have to grab a red velvet cake mix.  The chocolate portion is already done.  That and I need to run to a different store to grab … doll face molds…I have a 50% off coupon for michael’s and I am not afraid to use it!
            And with that, I am going to get back to work…because I still haven’t even wrapped the boys presents yet…so…ciao…