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Thursday, June 3, 2010

8Things To Fill Me Up

 8Things, and I am on time today too!  Things that Fill Me Up...

Here I am, in the middle of combining my household w my boyfriend’s household as we move in permanently together…while homeschooling my 9yo who really does not want to be schooled in any manner…while having my over-active over-stressed son (who has Sensory Processing Disorder) here for the whole week (this is more about sibling issues than his over-active little butt)…while babysitting a moose, Whiskey.  He’s a 17 mo lab/golden retriever mix.  Think Marmaduke.  He’s absolutely huge.  I have an over-jealous dog, Kendall, already, and Whiskey and his big goofy play w me, play w me puppy stuff is driving her nutty.  We just sent out other babysitting job, Bear, a small older dog we’ve watched before, home on Tuesday evening.  Her we hardly even noticed this time around.  Right now, not only am I fighting sinus issues that are moving into my throat, so is R…and so are the kids…so we are a house full of sicky poo yuckies.  Today I found out my precious purebred Satin Angora rabbits…are not…they are lionhead, jersey wooly and satin angora mixes.  I don’t care about that part.  I love the little snots anyway.  Plus, I love lionheaded  buns anyway…and if I hadn’t been determined to get angoras, I’d have gotten lionheads.  They are currently sitting at the vets, their testes nicely removed, and hopefully w Simon especially their moods improving exponentially.  I am a bit freaky about the care of my bunnies.  I drove 30+ minutes, out to Fenton, to the best rabbit vet in the area, for $220 each rabbit, to have them fixed—and it is worth every single penny and drop of gas to know my boys are so well cared for and so well taken care of…and safe.  Not every vet that says, oh sure, we do rabbits, has any clue about rabbits.  I am just wanting them to be safe and healthy. 
      So, refilling my cup…oh, what a blessing.
1.       Strangely enough, one thing that is really starting to do me a world of good are the podcasts I listen to…I have knitting ones and art ones and writing ones and since I can’t remember what day the Waldorf lectures have been, I’ve been listening to the recordings of the teleconferences…
2.      Being able to walk downstairs first thing in the morning and let one bun out into the play yard for a few hours.  Then switching that bun out for the other one.  Without having to wait for E to get up and get around to things.  Without having to wait for me to finish off whatever it is that I am up to.  Without having to drive to my house, where I haven’t really wanted to be the last couple weeks due to storms.  When there are storms (so go back to the top and add shepherd mix terrified of storms who clings to my backside whenever the weather shifts—til it gets bad enough for her to hide in the bathtub or under the bed), I have the urge to stay home, home at R’s…so the buns haven’t been getting much time out of their tiny cages.  Pray the surgeries this afternoon have made it possible for us to put them together again…so they can have their larger cage and their always open play yard again.
3.      Curling up on the couch, next to R, listening to the tv while I read…I’ve had decent books to read lately.  Like ‘Angel Time’ by Anne Rice…as annoying a read as it is, it is a very inspirational book.
4.      Fans.  Fans blowing, sitting in windows and sitting on the floor.  Air conditioning is ok, but there is something about the curtains blowing and the breeze hitting the backs of my knees at random that makes me smile.
5.      I bought new soap the other day.  We didn’t need new soap.  The smell stopped me.  Mango something or another.  Me and my showering OCD that worsens when I get overheated regularly…two very short showers a day, one in the morning, one at night, w this blissful soap…and then layers of perfume and lotions and powders and clothes that are me, just me, with no other attachments to it.  It’s beautiful.  Weird as I am.
6.      Sleep.  Lots of sleep.  R will tell me I need to go to bed and will handle things when he sees I am pushing too much too hard.  Of course, w N here, wake-up calls are usually way too early…but the snuggling between him and R is fun.
7.      Playing w the crazy dogs is great.  Whiskey does not take no for an answer.  It is actually too fun to watch Whiskey do to Kendall what Ken has long done to Princess and everyone else for so long…and Kendall hates it.  Whiskey chases things, brings them back, plays tug of war, eats bubbles out of bubble baths, chasing the water coming out of the shower head.  Think Marmaduke sized beastie who will jump into the shower w you…and he does, frequently.  If he can’t get into the shower, he’ll wait to try and lick you dry when you come out.  Then he’ll lick the tub dry once he’s sure you’re dry enough.
8.      Flowers.  Our flowers are now starting to bloom.  It’s a little sad to think they are blooming now while we are moving out…but at least we get to see them.  And we are not done planting flowers at R’s house either….

Correction June 4, 2010:
The lady at the vet waited for us to pick the buns...she admitted that she had made a mistake and the vet concurred.  My rabbits are 100% purebred Satin angoras.