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Friday, July 30, 2010

Actual Full Moon Dreamboard

Remember when I told you I had plenty of pieces left over from my larger, not just for the Full Moon dreamboard and that I could use them to make a smaller dreamboard for the Full Moon?

This afternoon I had the time on my hands, as E got to go out on the town w some friends...I had plenty of work to do...even though I didn't get it all done.

I did make the time to do this...
here is is before gluing:

here is is right after gluing:

This one is simply to get me through the next Moon cycle...sounds strange, saying it that way...but that is how it feels.
The larger dreamboard and I have a few months, if not longer, to be working together towards this goal of ours.  This smaller dreamboard helps me focus this month.  The smaller focus leading into and building up the larger focus.
It's a beautiful thing.