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Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday, A Week In Review (July 30)

            So, where stand we on the overall all what did I accomplish this week scale?
          Well, I submitted work to three different sites…for which I am most pleased.  I also updated my own blogs, all three of them, which is pretty exciting for me, after such a long bout with procrastination in regards to all of them lately. 
          I am not quite full force on the rest of my writing, for example, morning pages and daily writing practice, but at least I am not giving up; I keep trying.
          I did not get everything that is not N’s out of his room yet…but I did make some big leaps in organizing his room and moving things around enough to make it look more like his room instead of the catch all the other stuff we don’t know what to do with room.  He may have to use his sister’s sheets for a bit, until we get the linens unpacked, but he does have clean sheets, that are not flannel.  At least we did get his dressers switched out and his clothes settled in.  He had plenty of floor space, even if his books aren’t put away (since the bookcase for his room is still downstairs…)…so, overall, we are all happy about things in his room.  He can find everything himself.  That’s the big thing right there.
          We completely took care of the fish tank. The rabbits, well, they get their cages swept and cleaned out every day, or every other day at a minimum…grooming…the fierce stuff needed to remove the mats…that’s still coming.  If R had been here this week-end, we would have done it then.  It’s still on the list.
          I have a new listing, a new skill.  I still need to write up the two articles about this and post them on the appropriate blog.  I have the toll free number set up already to accept credit cards and so forth for phone clients; I am looking for in-person or cyberspace clients as well.  I can see a great deal of possibility in this next step in my process.  I am rather excited about it.  Which you can see by the fact I have known about it all week (thanks to a conversation with my darling friend Beth) and I have yet to do more than take the basest of notes about the two articles I am planning to write in order to market my new skills…but that’s just me.
          I finished the large guide me for as long as it takes dreamboard, as well as the smaller just a nudge for this month dreamboard.  I didn’t want to miss another month of dreamboards, even though I was still doing that much work with my May dreamboard as yet…and I do know there is plenty there I can still work in and with…all is reflected and augmented in the new many moons dreamboard though, so that works…
          We discovered my favorite dish at my favorite Thai restaurant: pineapple curry, with shrimp.  I didn’t have an actual favorite dish before this.  Usually I like the yellow curry, with shrimp.  Always with shrimp.  Pearl, I can always trust their shrimp.
          I did knit up at least one more square for the knitting instructor course, and I hemmed and hawed and moped about, trying to decide what to work on next…and as yet, have not picked up any needles whatsoever.  I am not really certain what I am waiting for at the moment.  I did design a shrug that I need to knit up.  I need to make a swatch or two to test my theory about things, but otherwise it is ready to be tested.  I played around with the knitting software I have to see if I could figure out how to chart out the Faroese style shawl I designed so I can get a good sample of that knit up in order to put together the pattern for sale.  I decided my software stinks and I need to do some more research and find something better, soon.  Timing…timing…back again.
          I redid our lulu store…because we are doing this.  We still plan on publishing R’s poetry.  There’s still nothing in our lulu store, so don’t get too happy yet.  His poetry.  My poetry.  My knitting patterns.  Those are all forth-coming, but until then…there’s nothing there to see yet.  I did learn a few very interesting things while I was there, bumming around.  We can make calendars and all sorts of other things.  So many doors just flew wide open there.  The more I sit and think about the possibilities, the more excited I get.
          Hmm.  I didn’t do that much unpacking.  The bathroom/linen closet from the old house is done.  I had to tear through things last night in order to find N some sheets for his bed that were not flannel.  That means I am closer to setting up the rack to store the linens on…which will also mean I can unpack more of the kitchen.
          I am behind behind behind in emailing friends and family.  Our spring family newsletter never went out.  We are heading into the end of summer…and things are a bit iffy on if the newsletter will go out before the end of summer, or if we are looking at a fall newsletter instead.  We still need to go out and have the pictures of the kids taken anyway.  It was something we meant to do months ago, but we’ve been so busy…and on those occasions when we could have done it, like while we were out geocaching, we both completely forgot.  I moved it up on the list again.
          I researched new nose rings….almost thought I should get my belly button pierced again, especially since R loves pierced belly buttons…but, no, twice is enough, thanks…even though it’s been a couple years since the second one closed, it’s still not completely healed shut.  The scar tissue from both former piercings will make a new piercing difficult…and I don’t want to go there.
          I talked to M about my self-diagnosis in relation to the menstrual/post-miscarriage issues.  Along with a quick little article in Vegetarian Times September issue (page 19)…we both agree chaste tree berry may be helpful…but I am not stopping the other herbal therapies I am running at the moment.  If there is anything out there, other than say morphine at this point, that can help with the cramps…and those of you who understand my pain tolerance levels know if I am asking for drugs it has to be BAD…then I am willing to give it a shot.  M says to continue with the red clover for a bit longer though.  If the tincture isn’t strong enough, we may switch to freshly brewed tea…we’ll see how things go with that.
          I think the best thing that happened this week actually started out as a terrible thing.  Nosy Parkers meddling in things that they ought not meddle, or if they were going to meddle, should have considered the timing of things, started trying to cause issues within our relationship.  Our relationship is far more solid than that.  Although I would never come between R and his family, should anything ever happen, he will choose me…knowing I will never ask anything of him in regards to them…other than I not have to deal with them myself.  The issue put forth caused R and I to have a great deal of conversation…which does nothing but further cement our commitment and our dedication to and for one another.  The best things always arrive in the guise of the worst … even though it may take a bit for R and I to work through things entirely, we will be working on them together, as the team we are.  I am not going anywhere when it comes to him.  There are only three things in this world I am willing to live, to die and to kill for…and that is R, E and N, and in no particular order.  My clan totem is the Grizzly…I did inherit the skills of my mother, the grizzly bear protecting her cubs.  R has been my best friend for more than ten years…I do not take that relationship lightly, nor have I ever.  For those who presume to know what goes on between us, you can play Iago all you want…R and I cannot be swayed.
          Now we come to the week-end…tomorrow is shopping day w Beth, for N and me…Brian is kindly going to watch E and Henry…Three kids is a bit much for him…and N already has serious issues w male authority, so he’s coming w us, mostly because alone he doesn’t cause as much stress as he does say when he and E are competing…for anything…N gets to stay w us til Monday afternoon…I am so happy about this.
          My darling boy, R, is out camping…and hopefully, despite all the rain, going floating tomorrow.  I am not certain how much I will have accomplished before he returns.  I have the kitchen to clean up, after all the dehydrating and preparing things we did here yesterday and today.  I have plenty of laundry to fold and put away.  I think I can manage to carve out space in the basement to start sanding that old dresser of N’s…but I am not quite ready to paint it with all this rain...
          I still need to get those items up on craigslist (water bed, water bed mattress, deep freeze chest, electric stove—so if you’re interested, let me know).  I need to take some pictures of a couple things…which, again, means moving things around.  Nothing that is not doable.
          I think I shall work on my goddess boxes, unpacking and spreading the love around the house…I still have crystals I can put up in the windows in the back of the house…I like the way the air is clearing around here.  If other people would … stop thrusting their own issues upon other people…this would have been “Home” this week, since I started the week in full force, after coming out of that depression over the miscarriage and other things this week-end.
          There is time, and time again…because R and I are stuck w one another for the rest of our lives…neither of us can imagine anything better…it took us this long in our lives to find someone genuine and true…and there is nothing in the Universe, not in Heaven nor Hell, that can tear us apart—except perhaps our own insecurities—but since we are more than willing to come together to discuss them and work on them, I don’t see that happening…better yet, neither does he…and he is the source of my strength in all things.
          Ok—ok to bed.  It’s been a long havoc-ridden day…I need sleep…blessed sleep…good-night.