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Thursday, May 27, 2010

In Full Bloom

            I needed this month’s dreamboard.  More than I have needed any dreamboard of late.  I needed that push in one direction or another to help me get on track, or to at least figure out what track I am on.  Once I know where I am going, I can get there.  Sometimes it is the knowing that makes all the difference.
            Jamie is such a huge and powerful Inspirer…I love those times when I catch her posts on facebook or on her website/blog where she puts into words the feelings and emotions that are pulsing through me…she is that added little extra push that gets me going and allows me to figure out whatever it is that I am in need of figuring out at the time.
            This is the Full Flower Moon…and when I set my intention along the New Moon, I was asking for guidance to show me where I needed to be blooming …what avenues I needed to pursue more…which direction in which I needed to focus my often times very splintered attention…this month I was highly rewarded. 
            Now, I’ve been cleaning out my house…which has caused a HUGE shortage in available magazines and whatnot from which to garner pictures.  I’ve been really lucky to find some strange and wonderful things of late.  I found several local magazines that had perfect pictures for what I needed.  I am personally astounded by quite a bit of the imagery used.

            The central image is of Alice in Wonderland…she was the first image I laid down.  She sat there on the board alone, as I found her at the New Moon…but more pieces began to come together…the board began to take shape…and voila…
            All I can say is WOW! 
            There is so much wonderful movement in this piece.

            Now, I will admit that I worked on this board between the New Moon and the Full Moon…I will admit I have had this piece up on my wall in my kitchen for over a week now.  I will also admit that I have already started to put some of this poetry into motion.
            The first thing I did was get some dance dvds…not just belly dancing, since I have actually had those for awhile, but Bollywood dancing.  It started out as a fluke.  One of my favorite yoga dvds is by Hemalayaa Behl.  I like her energy.  I like the way she speaks.  I like her philosophy as it is presented in this video.  My original plan was to see about buying more of her yoga dvds.  I never made it that far.  But, I did buy several of her Bollywood dance dvds.  One reason I bought them was all the reviews that said she goes slowly and explains things, so it’s easy to get into the movement—without getting lost.  Cardio and I are not friends…which is why I have long loved yoga…I can move slowly for hours at a time, but make me move fast and I’ll be done in 15 minutes, if I last that long.  My favorite dvd by far as yet is the dance of the Kama Sutra…and for most people it is not what you think…because my 9yo and I will do it together—which is another reason I went for slow—but fun—which these dvds are.
            I had not realized how much I would love the dance, how much I would love dancing.  If yoga frees my soul and my mind, the dance frees my body in ways yoga never has.  I used to love to dance…then…well…I got married.  I have spent the last year, realizing exactly what the ex-husband “saved” me from…what I allowed him to take away from me.  It’s not sad; it’s a new beginning.  Finding these pieces of me I had nearly forgotten, or had forgotten completely.
            We can also say it was my daughter’s birthday requests that had to be knitted…or my weird jag of wanting to knit myself some tank tops and halter tops for the summer, but I have gone more into my knitting lately.  I signed up to take Level 1 and Level 2 of the Craft Yarn Council Of America’s certified knitting instructor program.  I had thought of doing the crochet program as well…but after reading over things, I don’t think my crochet skills are up to the test yet…I have been thinking for a couple years about taking the Knitting Guild Of America’s Master Knitter program.  I probably will, in a year or so.  For right now, the courses I have signed up for are what I need.  I know I can pass the Level 1 of the Master Knitter program w TKGA, but after that, I am not so sure.  I think it is worth it to build up my confidence w this first sojourn rather than to allow myself to knowingly walk in where I will fail.  Which is strange in and of itself, since the stuff on the Level 2 is the stuff I want to learn.
            Yes, I know what that says about me.  I don’t like to fail and I mean to be prepared before I even start a new endeavor.  I know.  Maybe that is why I am so slow about doing other things as well.
            My one giggle w this board is the ladies in the white bikinis on the beach.  My boyfriend loves the beach…loves the sun.  I love the beach…at night.  I am all for moon bathing.  I do it now.  I am the pale chick, the vampire in the sun…I can deal with some sun…but the beach?  Laying out, in the sun, to crisp my skin?  That’s not me…but I know I am willing to do things for R…and I do know he has been talking about us going to the beach for awhile now.  So I will not say no.
            I have also been pushing back into my more artistic endeavors.  My drawing, thanks to a tree at my local yarn store.  Really.  Just this one tree.  A tree that has always been there in the parking lot, looking like it always does.  But for some reason, over a month ago, this tree caught my attention.  It demanded my attention.  I sketched it that first day—very VERY rough draft.  I had to go back the next week, w my camera.  So, I used it as an excuse to buy more yarn.  Big deal.  But I took over a dozen pictures of this tree.  I draw it over and over…even just in my mind…but I am back in the saddle, even if I am not whipping the horse to get full throttle…Funny thing is now I am more interested in photography as well…

            I actually needle felted for the first time the other night.  My fingers are healing nicely, thank you.  I ordered a Waldorf doll making kit…and am going to start that today.  I bought a small beginner’s set of wood working tools…hand carving.  R and I are really into the ‘-cello’ market…as in limoncello….we have lime-oncello steeping…the blood cordial (raspberry) was addictive…it went over very well.  We now have plum cordial and apricot cordial steeping.  

            On the cordials, I think we are going to cut down the sugar content…and let them steep longer than the recipe required three weeks.  But oh gosh, do we have a new enterprise here!

            R and I have been getting so many compliments…and requests and orders…for our jerky and lately for our fried potatoes…that people are suggesting we open our own restaurant…which pushes us back into our bed and breakfast idea…It’s warm weather…and that means…my weird bizarre upside down clock wants to BAKE…my kids want breads and cookies and scones and you name it…which is why I bought the convection oven in the first place…although I have not run it through its paces of late. 
            Things are really moving forward.
            A couple things do surprise me about this board.  The St Louis picture and the American flag picture.  I have ideas about those, but I’ll wait. 
            I am very interested to see where the coming month leads.