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Monday, May 3, 2010

What Happened This Week-End

            I have too many things to do today.  I need to see how much of this play I can read (Camille by Alexandre Dumas)…when we went to the Book House this Saturday (while waiting to go to the theatre, more on that in a bit), I picked up a book of plays, mainly so I can study the structure of them.  I picked up a couple other books as well, but this one I grabbed w a purpose.  I really think that the screenplay format is going to be helpful w the things I am currently working on and the things I have planned for later.  So, hope springs eternal here.
            I saw a perfect condition ‘Khai of Khem’ by Brian Lumley, whom I love and devour…I am so dreadfully behind on my Harry reading there…I shall have to see which ‘Necroscope’ books I have and which I lack…and see what else Mr Lumley has been up to…and, although I did not buy the ‘Khai of Khem’ then…I did come home and order it online (sorry, but I saved darn near $20 that way…I had to…)
            By the way, the Book House is an AMAZING place.  Books fill every orifice of this building.  It was once a house…not it is a real thing of beauty.  The basement is full of clearance books…there are new and used books galore on the first and second floor…and there are usually cats running around all over the place. (which can be not so good if you have allergies….)  The ceilings of the second floor are angled, so there are times you must stoop and hunch and bend over to see what you can find.  There are stacks of books at the end of each aisle.  They have the most incredible gamut of religious books, all packed in cheek and jowl beside one another.  Their history room is simply glorious….ahhh, I could go on and on.  Just go there for yourself.  You won’t regret it (unless you have allergies…take an allergy pill before you go).
            Afterwards, we met up w a group of R’s friends to go to the Fox theatre to see Avenue Q.  I think the wiki version does it much more justice: here.  So, you have the plot.  I strongly urge you to get the soundtrack from your local library…it is not to be missed.  The songs themselves do not do the show justice in any way.  Not to mention, there is strong language throughout this entire play.  There are graphic—and I mean GRAPHIC sex scenes…although the shadows of other tenants masturbating in the upstairs windows was so perfect…I laughed the entire way through this play.  I knew what was coming…I knew what it was about.  But…I so did not expect to have my retinas and brain so seared by the actual fornication going on onstage—it was marvelous!

            The Fox theatre is a gorgeous place.  Come on…the elevator opened up to reveal red and white elephant wallpaper.  The carpets are all elephants.  Presiding over the center stage from the top of the ceiling is an elephant head.  Of course, I was in heaven.  I am a bit ticky though, as only I can be.  The playbill calls the ‘theme’ of the theatre ‘Siamese Byzantine’.  What I saw was an interested mush of Hindu and Buddhist paraphernalia, w some Egyptian overtones here and there.  And, I understand that Nazis did not corner the market on those flying eagles of theirs…but is it necessary to throw them up so big, so large, and so right in everyone’s face, in at least one determined ROW, that is unmissable?  Was that on purpose?  Or was that an accidental faux-pas?
I do so love the juxtaposition of the walls, so ornate and fabulous…where there is a huge thangka wanna be in the center of one wall, w a stupa-esque structure on each side, surrounded by Hindu relics on all sides.  I know—I know.  It is so just me.  But now that burr is in my saddle and I have to research the actual definition of “Siamese Byzantine”.  It does not make the Fox any less gorgeous however.

            Sunday was also an awesome day.  We were child free.  Our tattoo artist was busy yesterday, so neither R nor I could get our tattoos touched up.  And don’t give me the ahh isn’t it so cute they have the same tattoo artist garbage either.  Jason did such a good job on my wrist, R wanted him to do the ribbon for his mom.  Nuff said. We’re making an appointment for today, or maybe some time this week, to get the touch ups.
            Originally, R wanted to take me to Momos for a late lunch, so we could find out how E friendly the place is.  They don’t open til 4p on Sundays—and we could not wait that long.  So, we picked up the dweezil girl and headed out to a place R has wanted to take us for quite some time:  Lemp Mansion.
            Lemp Mansion is one of the top five (I believe) most haunted places in America (according to whom, I forget).  I totally agree there.  We had lunch in the atrium.  Let me tell you, Sunday’s meal there is an all you can eat “Family Style Chicken Dinner”.  The title in no way describes the food that comes:  fried chicken, ham, roast beef, dirty rice, corn, green beans, coleslaw, biscuits and rolls, stewed apples (my weakness there)…and even more that I know I am forgetting.  And it is all you can eat of the most delicious and amazing food we have had in a long time.  We think we may have found our every Sunday meal here.  The service is incredible and impeccable.  One man did walk through and tell E especially that the house is haunted, and every time he saw us, he asked if we’d seen any ghosts.  (BTW, the ghosts are hard to miss…the energies following and protecting some of the wait staff were even cooler—this is not an angry place, from what we saw, despite the tragedies there.  It is a warm happy place these days.)
            We went to the museum/gift shop after we ate.  Once we were able to walk after that meal.  We did look around a bit.  I am totally in love w that shower too.  It’s not far off from the shower design in my head that I have had for years, waiting for the time when I can build my own house.  Although, I don’t need it enclosed by glass or anything…but the number of shower heads seems good.  (The shower is ‘on display’ in the ladies restroom on the main floor.)
            We are actually looking forward to participating in the Lemp Experience one Thursday soon.  And we have long discussed a murder mystery theatre…and the Halloween tour…
            It was a positively amazing week-end.  The effects of which are going to be long-lasting, that’s for sure.  I am very happy.