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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Rebuilding Plans For Yet Another Tank

            So, this morning I decided to wear my green ribby tank that I knitted myself.  It is number three in the ribby tank series with which I am now deeply involved myself.
            I am extremely proud of myself for having knit this thing up actually.  Even though one cup is a couple rows longer than the other…the tie part really does off-set that enough so that is is not all that horrible or noticeable.
            I like this tank.  I like this fabric.  I like this style.  I like the whole thing (minus the mistake with the cups…)…which of course is why I continue to make them over and over again.
            Yes, I did start the bikini top yesterday…I do have one whole cup finished.  I started the second cup…but kept casting on the wrong number of stitches…so I frogged it out and went to bed…I haven’t had a chance to work on it yet today—but I will.
            Now, here I am, wearing my green ribby tank, and enjoying it…and marveling at the fact that I did this myself…and that I am about to cast on for my seamless yoke sweater…any day now…really…and that I have the ability to knit myself an entire wardrobe…if I set my mind to it…and if there is no time limit on that…
            I have new yarns meant to be used for the next ribby ribby…and as I am wearing this one (because my favorite one out of alpaca and cotton is STILL too warm to wear at the present moment…), I have some ideas as to how I would like to rebuild the next tank.
            First of all, I am not going to be knitting the size 36…I think the size 38 will be larger enough…if not, the version after that will be made in size 40.  My hips are considerably larger than my waist, by a good ten inches or so…I want the next tank long enough to hit about halfway down my hips…much as this green one does…but without me feeling a little bit of a tug when I reach the end of the stretch of the cast on edge where it won’t stretch any more.  I will still cast onto to needles a size or two larger; that really helped a great deal with this green tank.
            I would also like more stockinette stitch before the cups again…the transition between ribbing to stockinette stitch to beginning of cups falls at about nipple level…and I would prefer it fall below my breasts.  I know it doesn’t need to do so; I merely think it will look better.
            I cannot stand the cups curling in the way they do.  I did slip the first stitch of every row, and yet they curl in so…more on the outer edges (towards the arm pits) rather than the inner edges (cleavage area).
            I would like to recreate the mistake I made that caused the dead center stitch for the cups to open up in both direction…it honestly looks as if nothing is attached to it, no bind off stitch, no nothing.  I actually like that.  I really hope I wrote down what I did to screw that up; it’s a mistake worth making again.
            Next time, I am sewing the ties down in back.  No more tying behind my neck…I tend to catch my hair when tying it…plus I feel better not needing to tie it.  Just a personal preference thing.
            After I finish the bikini top, before I write out my sweater pattern, as I am still contemplating the yoke design, I do believe I will cast on for another ribby tank…this time, using two strands of worsted weight yarn…as well as the above adjustments.
            Can’t wait to see how that turns out.  Can you?