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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Wednesday Check-In

                                               (c) 2010 T Webber

This post was written yesterday, but I was in the process of editing/spell-checking when R got home from work...I didn't have time to quite it was done on time...but not posted on time...

            The happy dance continues here at home today.  It is a huge relief for me to be drawing again, even if the better stuff has not yet been posted.  It’s Wednesday.  I have four drawings done.  I went today and found where I had hidden all my colored pencils…or rather, where I have failed to unpack them from, the poor dears.  I found…everything and then some.  My prismacolor sets were in the tool box in the closet, where I had put them long ago to keep them safe…and of course I have to make a mental note: I must find a suitable container in which to keep them.  In their current condition, I can’t see all the colors at once, or clearly, so I tend not to use them.  This is my set of I think 132 pencils that when the kids broke in to the IL house, they ruined the tin box…hence the nowhere to store them so I can see them deal here.
            What I used, and what I plan to continue to use for the moment, are my dick blick colored pencil set…because I can see all the colors laid out at the same time and can see how they relate to one another in their open tin box…which is exactly what I need when I am working…I don’t want to have to dig through a pile of pencils to find the right color…I just want to be able to look, see, grab, and go.  This tin allows me to do that…only 72 colors, but way better than a 12 pack of crayola colored pencils, or whatever brand the kids have at the moment…
            I am drawing again and it feels SOO good…now I need to color the remaining pieces I have drawn up and start putting the better stuff up…maybe I can even start my ‘perspective’ ATC  series again…not that I can actually find a link to show you which ones I am talking about at the moment, but I did try…I keep the two best ATCs in my dayplanner, so I will be able to look at them and KNOW that I can do things and that I can draw well.  It doesn’t hurt that R is always there to support me and nudge me along when I allow the fears and insecurities to crop up.  I will have to scan them and post them here when I get the chance.
            Whilst scrounging around to find my colored pencils, I found…my SoulCollage ® cards…for some reason, the old external hard drive did not keep copies of every picture of them—which makes me nervous about the pictures of the kids it might have inadvertently ‘lost’ as well…but nothing I can do there…when I first started working on my SoulCollage ® cards, I always meant to take them to kinkos or somewhere and have them turned into my own smaller, personal deck, so that I could use them every day…the size of the cards is prohibitive for me to use them frequently (5in x 7in)…I need something closer to a regular sized deck of cards, or a touch larger, so that I can shuffle and sort and do what I do.  I also need something less tactilely demanding—every image has edges that my fingers catch and feel and notice, which takes too much away from the process for me.  I need everything completely one dimensional so I can focus on the spiritual side of things when I work with these cards.   No edges of pictures touchable, no difference in the weight of the papers on each card, all of that needs to go for me to genuinely use them effectively for me.
            I shuffled through my cards several times.  I have no real desire to create any new ones.  I haven’t had that desire in a long time.  Full Moon Dreamboards and other Dreamboards are more than enough to keep me happy and to propel me forward, over the stuck spots.  As I rifled through these images, however, it struck me again just how useful these cards could be to me on a more daily basis…so, on the list of things to do is to scan and upload each card…and get them printed out as my own deck of cards so that I can use them.  I am still very taken with the beauty and the imagery of these cards, even the ones that seem so plain and withdrawn.
            I updated my artistic exploration blog today, with a story piece, as well as a drawing, so I am feeling good.  After some rocky issues with family this past week-end, I am feeling a little overstressed about posting some of the articles and posts that I have in various stages of completion, lest anyone think I aimed anything straight at them.  R told me not to worry about that, or it, or them…and to just do what I do.  So, even though I will probably work on some revisions, I am going to start finishing off these drafts I have, fleshing out these outlines I have, and posting with my normal je ne sais quoi…and ignoring the existence of most people as I work inside my little vacuum…
            I had a healing touch client last night, in person, for which I am so thrilled.  I honestly forgot how much I enjoy the one on one, hands on interaction.  Soon I will be offering more of this sort of work.  Keep an eye on my work blog for details; they will be coming soon.
            I am also looking more towards personal mentoring sessions of late too…I hate to say life coaching for some reason…it makes me feel too mainstream…but with the work I normally do personal mentoring is such a better definition…so keep an eye out for that as well.  I am still working within the framework of the spiritual training program…I find it very interesting how so many pieces of my work keep flowing together.  The spiritual and the mentoring and the coaching…I pulled all my old files off my netbook today and set them up on my laptop…only to find some amazingly brilliant nuggets of information and delight awaiting me…I had no clue that over a year ago, I was in the process of developing these same programs to offer to the public…but I was.  I have the notes to prove it…I am …both stunned and ashamed…I love that it is all there, waiting for me, but ashamed because it took me this long to get there…but I won’t let that hold me back.  I have plenty of work to do yet.  I have only just begun.
            Last but not least, my favorite Glass Faery has been at it again, with the Musing and the prompting and the little nudge nudge wink wink thing she does…so expect some interesting fibery goodness to be flowing over at the work blog here soon as well…and you thought stainless steel yarn was going to be enough to tide us over for awhile, didn’t you?  *giggle*  Want a tiny hint?  I finally get to work with metals…not just of the yarn variety…there may even be a blow torch involved…which I have been waiting for for a very very long time…I am so excited!
            Have a beautiful day…peace.