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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tuesday's Uncalled-For Check-In

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                                                     Today is a most excellent day.
            I figured out how to work R’s vacuum yesterday, with the help of my darling 9yo daughter…for me, there are too many things to remember to make click to make every piece work on this vac…ok, so vacuuming the floors may not sound like much to you, but a week-end with a popcorn-eating machine makes vacuuming the day he leaves a very happy thing here…of course, I am still a bit disillusioned that the ex got to see me naked, as he was running late to pick up N and I figured 5 minutes in the shower wouldn’t hurt (it was nearly 1p)…when N came to say good-bye to me as I was getting out of the shower, I didn’t know T was there.  So as I am grabbing my robe to find out what N is up to or if T had just arrived, T is walking down the hall to find N…and luckily it was just a flash but still…I feel icky…strange how I can go to clothing optional events and not feel a bit of remorse or guilt for strutting down the street buck naked, but let the ex see me nakey for a split second and I am traumatized for days…and telling me he’s seen it all before is inadequate.  I have twice as many tattoos now…and several more scars due to illness and injury…this is not the same body from seven years ago and I’d prefer he not see it at all…unless he goes to the same clothing optional events I do and I am with people I know and trust…that is a whole different ballgame.  *shiver*
            I found my nail polish box.  It is absolutely amazing what a mermaid ocean blue nail polish can do for me…much less the ability to have a different color paint on every finger and toe and still have more colors left-over.  I am also insanely proud of the fact that my fingernails are growing and that they look healthy for the first time in a very long time.  They are also longer than normal, and staying that way, so I am pretty excited there.  I know; it’s the little things that mean so much.  Especially where I am concerned…
            My favorite Glass Faery has asked me to create some chains, w yarn or w metal, or w metal yarn, to go along with her incredible glass pendants…so yippee, there’s one arm of the business opening up.
            Another open arm is I am back in business with my healing touch.  I worked on someone last night, and will be working on them again tonight.  Hopefully, referrals will start to come in.  All I need is that one foot in the door and boom, there it is.  I love it.  As much as I normally dislike people, I enjoy working on people that I know and appreciate…and better yet, helping other people helps me and makes me feel better and more…functional and happy.   If things go well enough, I’ll be able to replace the larger ‘lost’ massage table, although my smaller table is still awesome and still more than serviceable.  Having the chair doesn’t hurt either.
            If you are interested in healing touch sessions, normally coupled with some incredible energy work, if I do say so myself, just email me (if you’re in the St Louis area, or are going to be) and we’ll set something up for you.
            Plus, I am drawing again.  Woo hoo.  I so so missed it.  I cannot find my good colored pencils yet (prismacolor), so I am hemming and hawing a bit over adding color, but I have to get over that today.  I rewrote the circus piece and need to get everything together to post it.
            Which reminds me, since I have archived Alice, my former writing group blog, I am about to start posting my writing, not affiliated with the Raven project here, which you may have noticed the other evening when I posted a blurb with links to all sorts of characters…and a quick invoice to remind me where I meant to be heading with that…but I have daily prompts and morning writings from weeks past now that need to be posted …and after a bit of thought, I decided to post it all here…if I need to revamp Alice, I can do that later on, when I have more of a grasp as to how I want to do that.
            So, the week may have started out slow…but with some weeding and trimming and pushing forward, things really are looking up.  I feel good…and I like it.