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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Giving Thanks and Then Some

This past week I have had a great deal of time to look at things from so many different angles.
I am a very lucky woman, on so many levels.  My family is very lucky.  We are all so blessed. 
Some kids broke into our house this past Sunday.  They didn’t get very much.  They took food—which I keep laughing about, because it is so very stupid ….  These kids decided to screw up their lives to steal food. 
This is not the first house that has been broken into the past few months.  The same ring leaders.  The mother of the one kid who was involved in this break in told me that these are the kids who broke into her house in August. 
This really is a very good neighborhood, despite the two kids who are the ring leaders/bad seed.  Two parents, representing three of the six kids, have come to me to talk to me about how bad things are, how mortified the parents are, how the kids will be making things up to me, apologizing to me, everything.  The one kid has apologized via his mother.
Things could have been so much worse, so radically worse.  The only things important to me were not anywhere near the house.  The dog was at R’s house.  The kids were w us.  Everything else, well, none of it really matters, now, does it?  I have plenty of money to pay someone to pack things up and move everything.
I am not upset by this.  I am upset by the time limits and the space limits that are currently holding me back.  They too are temporary. 
Let me see.  Let me get the vandalism/theft. Get this out of my system.
The two ring leaders live a few houses down.  Normally, I am gone from my house one day a week.  Sundays.  To drop my son off at his dad’s, after we take him out to eat, and sometimes to play.  Now and then, to shop. 
We came back to my house on Fri evening, to get clothes/etc from my house to take top R’s.  E and I had been at R’s since Wed night.  T dropped N off at R’s house on Fri afternoon.  Hence the trip to my house that evening, for cheesy poofs and movies and whatever else.  Everything was fine in the house then.
Sunday between 2 and 230p, one of our other neighbors saw the kids break in to our house—by manhandling the big window a/c unit out of the window, which took MASSIVE effort, considering how well R put the darn thing in. 
Number one: if the landlord had put in the central air unit the way he promised to before we moved in—this would not have happened.  I simply want to point this out.
Number two: the window unit in the kitchen is huge—we decided to leave it in the window over the winter mostly because we had no place to put it…even the little unit is still sitting in the den because there is nowhere else to put it—other than the attic—and there is no way I would manhandle those things up there. 
There was damage --- there is a lot of food missing.  They drank about 2 gallons of fruit juice while they were here.  The ransacked and went through the deep freeze.  They took E’s ramen noodles (which the mom I talked to about her son actually replaced for E last night—we are praying that this boy, who has never been in trouble before and who has his whole life in front of him, really learns his lesson—and I believe, after talking to his mother, that this is one kid who will go on to much better things….)  and N’s cheesy poofs (there were 4 bags, only 2 went to R’s house)….
There are minor things missing…a lot of pocket change…but anything right out in the open is still sitting there…they missed my engagement, wedding and anniversary ring—because they were too busy tossing my underwear all over the house…which is just hilarious.
Now.  Lingerie is my fetish.  It is the one way I always use to make me feel like a girl, not just a mom.  Even before R, I maintained my collection—although due to the fact he likes it too, my collection has expanded these past few months….  All my wicked weasel stuff is still here and still intact.
The only real damage done to anything was accidental.  They threw everything to the floor—and stuff got stepped on.  So I need to replace some knitting needles—and I need a trip a Catholic supply store to replace some figurines…
I have to laugh though.  I have thousands of dollars worth of stuff in this house…I have a pair of knitting needles that are $50 brand new here….one pair….BUT if you are a punk kid looking to score fast cash…I have the tv, and I have computers which aren’t that new or updated—and lots and lots of kids dvds….
My jewelry may get you something…but it’s easily traceable…and none of it means my life would be over—except for one very simple silver ring I will barely take off when I ought to, like cooking or cleaning or something.  And that ring is not an expensive thing either…not worth stealing…and since I know where it came from I can replace it easily.  This ring is important, because R wears one just like it…I bought them, for us.  Made in Ireland…they say basically translated, ‘soul mate’ in Gaelic…
No one would want to steal that ring.  It’s not the whole wow can I get money for that kind of thing.
I don’t have anything in this house that a thief would want.  My stuff is books—yarn—more books—hooks—knitting needles—more books….and whatever the kids have here—which can be toys and books…not electronic things—there is no ninetendo here—no gameboy—no game system—no games whatsoever….
I have to laugh.  It’s so sad.  I always figured someone would come in, swipe the tv and the dvds and that would be it.  There is nothing else in this house of interest to anyone else but me.  I have a thing for my kitchen and cooking…I knit and crochet and sew…we read here…we write here….we homeschool so we have massive books—and we have massive educational dvds.  These had to be the most disappointed thieves ever.  Food was the only other thing in this house that is worth stealing.
The one music cd I had in my computer hard drive was purposefully broken (Gwen Stefani—already uploaded it to itunes too)—all I could think of was how very ticked they had to be to realize I honestly seriously do not have anything worth anything to a thief looking to score quick bucks. 
And these were kids.  I am not sure how old the oldest ones were—the other parent who came to talk to me is the father of one and the grandfather of another…so I will leave that up to you to decide….can you imagine walking into a house full of dvds for the kids…no cash anywhere (not that they found, other than spare change) … no jewelry…no cds (they were checked out and found lacking apparently since they went through a cd album I have had since before my divorce)—full of books and yarns and kids stuff… I didn’t even have soda in the house—because I rarely if ever have any…I do now because root beer tends to help settle my stomach…and my stomach has been bugging me a lot since Sunday.
But still….they came in…wrecked the place…ate a bunch and took food and a few small not really important things…and then were all caught.  Neighbor saw them go in and called the cops.  Cops get here in five minutes or less.  Cops told us the kids were in here for about 20-30 mins (they had to wait til they came out to catch them)—neighbor watched them go in—cops watched them go out—all of them were caught.
Mom from last night told me they were all in juvie for 28 days, unless the parents could prove that otherwise the kids were good kids.  The ring leaders—their mom doesn’t care one way or another.  They aren’t out.  The one boy got out last night.  Him I pray for—him and the son/grandson team too.  I don’t know the one remaining kid I know nothing about.  The apparent ring leaders are the ‘twins’, from right up the road.  If they show up before the 28 days, I am taking my kid and my dog, and moving into R’s house and paying someone to pack and move everything for me…I will not stay here if they come out…it’s not the first time they’ve been in trouble…it’s not the last…
Now, since I am done giggling about the stupidity of the thieves, let’s talk about me.
Look at my last year.  I can’t drive due to the accident we were in last November where I could have lost my daughter.  I went through a world of trash when R broke up with his emotionally retarded ex.  I had a miscarriage and an almost pregnancy….
The RSD I picked up working for SBC as a telephone operator has been kicking up a lot more of late…couple with another RSD from the work I do on the phone…which has now been corrected…once I stopped believing the fallacies I learned from other unreputable places…and started to listen to not just myself, but R as well…
I have R, as rocky as I can make that now and then.
We are finally in the real estate investment business, which we have been planning to do for not quite 7 years.
We are moving less than a mile from R—until we have enough combined income to buy the bigger house together—which will be within the year.
E is finally coming together w the homeschooling.  And boy oh boy, has she been a very big help the past couple days.
My work is booming.  I am doing ten times better financially, since what June, than I have done in the past two years I worked for someone else.
And this is only the beginning.
I wrote 50000+ words for a novel—and the novel is done.  I have been writing scenes here and there to add to it—but the story is there, beginning to end….and all it lacks is massive massive editing and rewriting…
Now with the move, I will have access to everything I didn’t realize I didn’t have access to while in this house.  I hadn’t realized until I started to pull stuff out that I had been living in wait again…waiting until I have the space to access the yarn stash, the fabric stash, the whatever else we had or needed…
Now I will be able to find, to locate every book, every title, whenever I want it…without having to dig or move through stuff.
Now the dog won’t be worried about going out outside….
Now the kids can play in the backyard without my having to worry about morons living behind us throwing glass and garbage into our yard.
Hey, I said we have a good neighborhood here—but there are bad elements.  The people who live behind me are complete jerks and irresponsible a****les, but other than tetanus or trash everywhere—or rocks on the roof from the unruly kids—they aren’t really much to worry about there…
I have the money here not only to give the kids an excellent holiday—last year I wasn’t sure we’d be able to make it to January, much less being able to give them gifts—I was worried about buying food…this year—I have no reason to worry at all….
I have the money to pay someone to come in and pack everything, move it and drive it…and unload it. 
With money to spare afterwards…
It’s an amazing thing.
And it is so horrible for R—I gave him his holiday gift, his thanks for helping us move gift, and his birthday gift  (it’s early for a reason)—and I have been forbidden to buy him anything else at all until after his birthday….
Not that he can stop me from doing the smaller things I normally do for him—but the bigger things have to stop for awhile…
And there is always my knitting fetish… he is not out of the water entirely where it comes to me doing for him and giving him things…mwahahahaha…
Anyway…enough about my torturing the man I love by being nice to him—something he, like me, is not at all used to having happen…
The burglary actually helped me in some very unique ways.
Funny how I can say things all along and then all of a sudden start to really get them and mean them.
I am far better able to toss stuff out the front door into the trash without flinching at the moment. 
Example.  I had three crock pots.  My good one, it got broken by small children knocking stuff over accidentally.  The bowl of it was broken.  There was no way to fix it.  It had been a gift from N’s grandmother.
I had another crock pot that was smaller.  Bought in WV.  Older.  Loved it.  Had a flowery one that I got from R because he was getting rid of it.  One was to be for remilling soap.  Another for making candles. 
I tossed the two smaller ones.  Now, I have no crock pot.  I will be buying one, after we move.
I use coffee cups to hold pens and crochet hooks and knitting needles…and generally anything else that tends to lie around…I have cups full of pens, cups for scissors, so many things….
I have been tossing them left and right these days. 
There are things I can’t get rid of, due to where they came from…or why I hold on to them……
I had jeans from my marriage…I’ve been saving them.  They still fit and fit well.  But—they are the ‘old’ high waisted jeans (not 70s high waisted, just not low riders…).   I have been hanging on to them, because eventually they’d come back in style….but Monday, I threw them away.  Without a flinch.  Without a tremor. 
I am hoping to continue that pattern.  Pictures are coming off the walls and going into the trash…the Picasso posters have been gone for months.
I am planning to go through sweaters and dresses today…and the dresser in the storage room that I haven’t been able to get to since we got everything from MD last year.
So many things…so many things to do…we need to have it done and soon….
I am sort of looking forward to closing this house up and moving in w R until we get the 70s house ready to move into……
More to come….