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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

House Update

The bid on that 70s house was accepted!

No bartering.  No haggling.  Just beautiful.  Sure thing.  The house is ours.  Wah hoo!

Now--I have to find a way to continue to write my Nano novel--pack the house--move (like, me? like, drive?  like, no way!)  and still do all the other things I have to do during the day...

The first inspection is this Friday.  R will be there.  N doesn't have school that day, so he'll be w me.  N isn't quite up to par w spending the night at R's house yet.  There is joy to be had having a child like N.  Sometimes that reticence and that need for known places and known rhythms is a very good thing for his mother.  Trust me.    I am not above using that to my advantage.

R will be there.  I have to tell him what to take pictures of for me -- the things I wanted to check.  I would like to be there for the inspection, but we're not certain who is going to be there.  With the inspector, our real estate agent, quite possibly their real estate agent.  R.  Then add in our two kids.  Certain mayhem--at least for me.  I have really good kids, and I know it.  But it's difficult on me to keep track of everyone, especially if N decides he's in a happy ornery mode.

So, R and I are on our way!  We are officially real estate investors now.  Even though the first house belongs to me.

Pictures to come--as soon as I have some....