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Monday, November 2, 2009

Joy Diet Catalog

I love the taste of:
  1. chocolate and white wine on my tongue
  2. fresh baked bread and melted butter
  3. French vanilla ice cream
  4. peaches
  5. cherries
I love the sight of:
  1. flowers in bloom
  2. my children laughing and playing together
  3. my children laughing and playing w R
  4. R
  5. animals running for the sheer joy of it...wolves...horses...those are what came to mind immediately...
I love the feel of:
  1. clean sheets on a freshly made bed as I crawl in to go to sleep
  2. woven textures beneath my fingertips
  3. dirt in my hands as I cultivate ...whatever
  4. the skin of my children's cheeks pressed close to mine
  5. R's hands on me, in whatever way he comes for me
I love the smell of:
  1. honey suckle blooming
  2. bread baking
  3. vanilla and lavender mixed
  4. logs toasting in the fireplace
  5. my bedroom when I first walk into it (lots of incense)
I love the sound of:
  1. water cascading over rocks
  2. wind blowing through tree branches and leaves
  3. horses hooves beating out a rhythm as they run and play
  4. violins
  5. the silence within the silence
Join us for other treats and delights at The Next Chapter....