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Monday, November 2, 2009

Manic Monday For November 2

Today, Manic Monday # 187

Most of the U.S. observed Daylight Savings Time yesterday. Is it easy or difficult for you to switch your body clock? Do you suffer from jet lag when traveling?

My schedule is so bombastic lately, I never even noticed the time shift.  I don't think E has noticed it either.  It usually takes me longer to adjust to 'springing forward' than to 'falling back'.  I am more used to weird hours and odd circumstances and not being able to sleep...I don't know why adding an hour messes me up more rather than the losing an hour, but it does.

If you had to pick one place in your town to bring a tourist, where would you go?

What sort of tourist?  Family?  Stranger?  Friend?
Why are they in town?
What are they looking for/looking to do?
What are their likes and dislikes?
Do you mean here on this side of the River--or the other side?
Do you mean where I live right this moment--or where I will be living by the end of the year?
Too many questions...too many options...too many opportunities...each answer revolves more around the person I am taking than on me...

When you travel away from home, do you miss it?

Miss what?  My house?  My bed?  My pillow?  My dog?
Every week-end I spend w R, I think I feel as if I might be missing something...but any time I stop and think about it--I am not.
When we went to WV and back, all I wanted was for the driving to be over.  We stayed at R's when we got back; we didn't come straight back to our house.  Staying at his place was more than fine.

What I miss when I am away is the smell of my bedroom, with all the incense I burn...but I can always bring that with me--since my incense travels well...

Sometimes when I am away elsewhere, I miss the ability to get up and go somewhere else.  If I am in my own house, I can always retreat to my bedroom if I feel like it.  I can get ticked and throw things and not have to worry about messing other people's stuff up.  I can dump my clothes in a pile on the floor and ignore it til the next day if I choose.
But that's as close to missing anything as I feel.  Mostly because this place doesn't feel like Home...and I know it will be here when I get back.
When I am w R, I am Home.  Nothing else really compares to that...
When R and N and E and I are all together--then that is the best thing in the world--and that is the feeling I love to have....