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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Color Revelations Made In Yarn

         Going through all my yarn, every single skein, this week-end had me giggling.  What is my favorite color again?  I waft between purples and blues, with greens through in along the side.  But…really?  Am I sure?  My yarn is heavy in reds…and browns…if I had to go by my yarn colors along, I would say my favorite colors are more browns and olive greens.  Which is not far from the truth, if you watch what I wear.  Yes, I do wear a great deal of blue…but I also tend to love browns and oranges and whites…and reds.  My darling boyfriend always tells me he’s not a red person.  He doesn’t really like red.  Me.  The woman who still plans to have the red room in her house, preferably the bedroom.  My comforter on my bed…maroon.  My curtains?  Cream and chocolate…go figure…I just think it is so funny…I kept going through yarn and going through yarn, thinking…really?  Twelve skeins of different shades of brown and three of purple?  Really?  Seventeen skeins of various greys?  Now—the greys I can really get into.  I have about oh twenty skeins of caron simply soft, in chocolate and rose that I have been planning to either knit or crochet into a throw…so I am not distressed by all the browns and greys really.  I just think it is so funny.  If you took my yarn and my wardrobe into consideration, my favorite colors would be…white, orange and olive green…with a healthy dose of maroon too…so…yeah…my genetics keep showing there, don’t they.  Red, green and orange.  Lol