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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Slight Update

Well, I meant to sit down yesterday and set out all my goals for the week.
I have finished my diotima shell.  I have started the poncho for my friend.  I had three shipments of books, not all knitting related, come in this week-end.
I am currently lost in the wit and tragedy of ‘The Midwife’ written by Jennifer Worth at the moment.  I started it last night and am already 100 pages into it.  Whereas I am still struggling through ‘Mr Darcy, Vamppyre’ by Amanda Grange. 
I finally did get all our little veg planted yesterday.  Now we have only, only, three types of basil growing…plus, I have seeds to plant for two more varieties that I am planning to plant come May.  Our spinach is now happily ensconced into two pots.  I think our stevia plant needs a bit more rabbit manure…but they are just rabbits…and even though they are poop machines, they only poop so much.
The storms of this past week-end did not go over well with the bunny twins.  They didn’t eat as much.  They preferred to hide most of the time.  We bought them a little cat cave thing.  It’s a circular thing made of wood, covered w fabric.  They will both hide inside it, but charley will jump on top of it and play King of the World.  It’s very funny.  R still seems to be their most favorite person and chew toy…which is just hysterical.  Since I groom them, they do not always like me…no matter how gentle I am.  It’s the I will hold you to brush you thing…I have to…I have no choice…I can’t let them get full of mats.  Although they do love it when I come to feed them…both will pop up and try to get to the scoop in my hand before the other one…and it doesn’t matter if I fill the feeder, they still want to see what I have in the scoop.  I have not tried any other ‘treats’ or greens yet…especially not w the weather as frothy as it has been lately…
I have had some ‘stuff’—there is no other term—brewing in the back of my head for days…more like weeks…now. 
I decided a few days ago that I am doing the big huge full-sized poster board Full Moon Dreamer dream board this month.  In the past, when I first started doing the dream boards w Jamie and her crew, when I made dream boards, they were not one month long journeys…my larger dream boards are always far reaching.  The smaller dream boards that I made…the ones I tended to frame, the ones I call my doorways, are more short-term goals.  I need a more broad and general view of what I am trying to accomplish.  I know there is a great deal of subconscious ‘stuff’ going on.  I need to have a more conscious view of things.
I had my Liev Schreiber dream the other night.  It’s not as if it is the same dream every single time I have this dream, but it is the same theme.  I do not know why my brain settled upon Liev Schreiber all those years ago, but when my dream mind needed a champion, Liev was the man my mind chose.  I could examine this all day and all night, but I won’t.  I understand theoretically why Liev is the best choice for this particular … occurrence?  Dream?  Whatever.  That I remember the dream at all is a miracle, any of them.  But there is a reason Liev shows up…since I remember quite a bit of the dream (no, I won’t share it, apologies, not until I figure out all the details and the wherefores and the whys and the hows), there is a great deal of work for me to do on this side…and I know it.
That dream was merely one trigger.  I am grateful for it.  I see the wisdom in it.  I see the hope and the magnificence of it.  I also see the potential in it as well.
Add into that, and the email I got today from Creative Every Day.  And I simply get an email every time the website is updated…it’s not as if Leah emailed me personally or directly or anything.  CED is one of those things I have been meaning to be more involved w this year, but that I sort of let sit at the side of the road while I found my footing.  Apparently, my footing is returning…because when I opened this email, rather than moving it to my CED box unread, which has been my norm, I was touched.  I felt the Universe reach out and either touch my heart…or poke me in the chest, depending upon how you look at it.  Maybe it was a little of both.
Intuition…which brings me back to the whole needing to access the subconscious, the unspoken, the inner workings, of my own heart, mind and soul…I need to bring them to the surface.
My artist …drive…has been slowly building up.  I cut back my work hours yet again, with surprisingly good results…I can’t quite believe that…but I have the time to do the other work in my life…and I am more ready now then I was a year ago.  I am very proud of the changes in my life…I know I have other roads to travel and I am excited and grateful for the opportunities.
More to come soon…I am sure there is much to reveal…