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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

ScriptFrenzy Update

            Well, after everything that went on April 1st, I am going to say, I am not going to finish script frenzy this year.
            Technically, I have enough pages, with the three scripts I am currently playing with and working on, to say I have 100 pages and call myself done…but that would be unfair and disingenuous.  The whole thing is to start and to finish one script…or all three scripts…but three unfinished scripts do not make one finished project.
            I am really loving the format though.  It is really helping me get into things faster and more clearly than I would have just ‘writing’ it, as if it were a novel or story or whatever….
            I have some books to study now…which are of course not here with me right this moment.  But, I did listen to other scripters in the forums and found a couple books to tide me over.
            I am chalking this up to a learning experiment.  Next year I will actually do the whole script thing.
            Hey, with NaNoWriMo, I spent a couple years of not actually signing up, but trying to do the writing …without being in the public eye as actually being an official participant.  Then last year, I finished …something.  To call it a novel is a misnomer—but it is done.  It has a beginning, a middle and an end…but boy, it still needs a great deal of work.
            One of the scripts I am working on is a part of the Nano novel and I was planning to work out some scenes this way…which is probably why I set that one aside.  BUT…I also picked up the original thread of the Nano novel I had started w…and started a script w it as well…and found out this line actually travels better as a script.  The third script was sort of the premise of both works before they morphed into the romantic bits they became…my paranormal rabbit Whole…yes, whole…
            Owning rabbits doesn’t hurt there either.  I have been doing so much research on and about rabbits lately, the lagomorphs have seeped into my brain.  Then, add in Alice In Wonderland (Disney’s new version) and the Alice books and movies I have laying around…there is bound to be a hole to tumble into to fall all over…which is exactly the third script…except…since I hadn’t thought of this prior to April, I didn’t do any research—and this realm needs much more research—because it is not a redo of Alice or her Adventures…
            So, research for the subject matter…and researching the medium in which I am planning to write said piece…but as for the contest this year…I am letting it go.

            It’s sort of the same thing w Poetic Asides…although I may pick up on one day and just continue form there, rather than going back to the 2nd and picking up every single day all over again.
            I am tired of the whole trying to catch up w myself thing.  It’s one of those things I am working to eliminate from my life.
            If I can’t do it today, there is tomorrow…although that sounds as if there is no order to my life…and that’s not true.  I am still in the process of finding that balance for things….
            Ok…I must run.  The children’s home donation truck is coming tomorrow and I have to make sure I have everything ready to go—and last night I found a bunch more stuff I need to let go of…I just didn’t have time to get it gone while we were at the house yesterday…I thought I had more time…and I didn’t.  I didn’t realize how late it was….