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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Yarn Organized Here

            Today was an incredibly empowering day. 
            First of all, I sold a bunch of yarn, thank you craigslist.  That was first thing this morning: two medium uhaul moving boxes, one small uhaul moving box, and a bit of left-overs in a plastic grocery bag.  Now I am sort of feeling bad.  I bought the clear plastic storage containers to store my yarn in it so I can see what I have how long ago?  It was this afternoon, after I sold the yarn to the very nice lady, and after we drove 3 + miles to burger king so the kids could have SpongeBob watches and not eat the crown shaped chicken nuggets because no one likes BK’s nuggets in this house (don’t look at me—I don’t eat anyone’s chicken nuggets), that I finally decided I should go through the yarn and separate everything out.  Which is what I did.
            My mother now has twice as much yarn coming her way.  Although now I have to use UPS.  The money I made selling the other yarn may cover the BK bill and the shipping of this box to Ma.  I also have one more big box—somewhere between a small and a medium uhaul box full of yarn (in case anyone wants some) ready to go.  This yarn is all acrylic, 99% of it is skeined and not balls or left-over balls from other projects.  Not that every skein is a full skein or anything.  But still.  Lots of colors.  I am wondering if R’s niece still knits and if she would like some yarn.   Must make a note of that.
            I am sort of stunned, amazed and amused w myself with the stash that I have left over now.  I do need to buy some more bins, probably four would do it.  Maybe I could get away w three, but four is a round number.  Then there’s room for more, or for other things.  One day I shall have to go through my fabric stash as well...
            I have a whole container full of cotton yarn.  Not all kitchen cotton either.  In fact, despite having found out I have four cones of sugar and cream cotton, most of my cotton yarn is nice clothing-type yarn.  I have far more wool than I had thought I did.  I have some beautiful cashmere silk wool blend yarn in my stash…that was a lucky find at the local thrift store—same bags I got my silk yarn from that I still stand and pet without wanting to find a pattern to knit it up yet.  I am just agog by all the very nice yarns I have…I honestly had no idea.  Between accepting everyone’s attic cast-aways and having everything boxed up for so many years…I simply did not know.
            And yet, tonight, what did I do?  I spent $75+ to buy 1 pattern book—the book alone would be $15 roughly at my local yarn store…but I had to spend the $75 to get free shipping…I bought only 3 skeins of yarn.  The rest are patterns.  I actually have been wanting some suri yarn.  I know for a fact this moment that until I ordered it I did not have any suri alpaca.  I simply wanted to see what the difference is. That's why I have flax yarn and hemp yarn and all sorts of other why not?
            My knitpicks order, all those lovely books, thanks to my dear friend Kerry, should be here on Monday.
            What did I do whilst combing through my stash today?  First and foremost, I made it much more manageable.  Not only can I see what I have and find it when I want it, I got rid of a bunch of duplicate and unlabeled yarn.  I do tend to buy mills ends and one pound bags of miscellaneous yarns when I get to the right shops.  Well, I decided today that I wasn’t going to have all that extra baggage hanging about my neck, not with all the nice yarns I have.  I am not quite a yarn snob…yet…but I may be getting there.  Although, I do admit, I have kept quite a bit of various shades of yarns for doll skins…although today during my wanderings, darn it, I found another really cool looking doll making book:  'Knitted Pirates, Princesses, Witches, Wizards, and Fairies' by Annette Hefford…oh, if someone just had not told me that each pattern is complete w clothing, right down to the knickers for each one…maybe I would have skipped over it and not ordered it…but, alas, there I go again…so, I kind of did order yarn, and not for any particular project, but I have been ordering many patterns of late…perhaps this will mean I shall finish off some of my other knitting soon then.
            At least I have a much better idea of what I have and where it goes and what I want to do w it.
            Until tomorrow.  My man is home for the night and all is well…  Good-night.