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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Full Pink Moon Dreamboard...and more

I think today is perfect…the perfect time to unveil both this month’s Full Moon Dreamboard and to engage in this week’s wish as well.

Well, see, thanks to Jamie and the crew, it’s not that I am wishing to invest in anything.  I am investing in things, like my children, my family, my relationship w R, my self, my art.  Everything I want to invest in has been started.  We have a patio garden that has leaked over into the yard.  We have rabbits as a start to the farm.  We are heavy into the real estate investment venue.  Everything may be moving in small increments, but everything is moving.  So, we’re happy.

I am actually proud of myself w this dreamboard.  I haven’t done a large scale one, or a very collaged one, since, eons ago…I think it was last year actually.  I still keep my old dreamboards, the ones not in a notebook, up on a wall so I can see them. 
This one is a bit different.  It’s a plain piece of poster board.  I did not feel a need to paint it at all.  There was a need to keep the background white, and to make sure there was plenty of space, plenty of open space, in between the various images.
Now, the way I chose the images is interesting.  I have piles of magazine pages, and piles of already cut out images…we went to the very wet and rainy Earth Day event in Forest Park this past week-end…and we stayed for maybe 10 or 15 minutes.  Long enough for E to actually hold a crayfish at one demonstration…we had all sorts of fliers and leaflets…and hey, maybe I will win that trip to Bali…but…the images in the one mini-magazine we had been handed really caught my eye.  Add in a solar energy magazine…and boom, there is the majority of my project.  I did allow myself to grab one sheaf of ripped out magazine pages.  I allowed myself to use images from those pages and nothing else.
I decided to rip out the images, even if they had been previously cut out…they needed to be ripped and torn for this project…the use of words surprised me…especially given the words themselves…and where some of them came from…
Only one image did not make it onto the board…I tore a picture of a woman doing eagle pose…right through the legs.  The pose would not work without the foundation.  Although I did use other pictures that had ripped in the wrong places, I didn’t feel as if the eagle pose could be salvaged and still retain the meaning of the entire piece.
I still did the same old thing I do…I closed off my conscious mind…I stopped analyzing…I stopped judging…I let it go.  I let my hands and my heart move.
I am not about to sit here and try to figure out what it says or what it is telling me.  I sort of have an idea—per usual—without having any clue as to the details…but there is enough there for me to move forward and be happy.