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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Poetic Asides Is Back

Yes, it is April.  Not only is it Autism Awareness month--it is Poetry Awareness Month.
Robert Lee Brewer is again hosting our daily sojourn into poetry w a bevy of prompts.

Here is the 2010 April PAD Challenge for Day 1:


My poor kid
Alone in the bathroom
At the quickie mart
Trying to get out
The door snaps shut
Too fast
Trapping her finger in the jam
I try not to freak out
When I see the odd angle
At which her finger seems to hang
I try to breathe
And not rip holes in the dash
As my lover drives us
To the emergency room
Fast so fast
But not fast enough
To soothe this mother’s heart
I can’t take the pain away
From my darling little girl
I think that hurts me most of all
If only I hadn’t been sick to my stomach
And in need of ginger ale
We’d have stayed in the car
While Dad pumped the gas
I can’t help her deal
All I can do is be there
It’s just not enough for me