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Friday, August 7, 2009

Full Moon Dream Boards

August's dream board is done. It's just not completely dry yet. I will post pictures w this post.

I am struck today, wondering...wandering...are my dreams getting smaller...or so much more expansive that even a smaller canvas expresses the intensity and immensity of things....I believe the size of the canvas is not at all indicative of the size of the dream. I believe it is the essence of the message and/or the imagery. When you step into them, you and they become as large or as small as they need to be to achieve the goals.

At the beginning of this week, I removed July's dreamboard, the path from here to there. Because the Universe ensured that I had made it from here to there, even before I was ultimately certain I was ready. The one real remaining boundary over-which I have/had any actual control: my work. Now, I work for myself. I was asked today why I waited so long to branch out on my own, so well am I doing. It amazes me. It scares me. But it makes me so happy. Not that I still don't have a long way to go, but I am getting there. Amazingly so.

Now, thanks to everyone who wishes along with me, thanks to the Divine and the Universe, thanks to everyone, I am able to pick up in the middle of the week and take a day off, without fear, without trauma, without spending the whole day shaking and worrying about needing to get back to work or planning to work extra hours later or any of that. Now, my week-ends are open and available.

Now, I am blessed and blessed again.

The Universe just keeps giving. This week the Universe returned a very good very dear friend to me, after, what, a twenty year separation?

Truly I am blessed.

Truthfully, when I removed last month's dreamboard from the wall, it had alot to do with the fact that it was coming out of the wall. The top pushpin had uhm dislodged itself from the wall. I took that as a very good sign. As in, that dream had been fulfilled and it was time to find a new dream....time to shift the focus of things and start applying myself to the new goals...

July's dreamboard is now in my portfolio. It may not be my best work--but it's the only thing I have in the 9x12 portfolio at the moment. No, I take that back. I also put the burning spirit dolls piece in there, until I figure out what to do with it--until I write the story for it--which should be some time soon. That prompt is on my list. After yesterday, I am a little behind with the writing, but I am getting there. Slowly but surely. That's me--call me the Tortoise....

Tonight when I was taking pictures of this month's dreamboard and setting it up on my altar, at least for the night, because it is still wet, I noticed that June's dreamboard had only begun to pull free of the wall tonight. It was fine this morning when I looked. So, I pulled it down from its location. I didn't want to put it away though, so I hung it behind the armoire and closet door conjunction, where my very first dreamboard hangs (April, I believe). I left the next dreamboard, the big one done in May (I think) hanging in its place above the altar still, untouched. So much of all these dreamboards are still applicable.

The wall space above my altar feels good with this last dreamboard still up. I feel good with this dreamboard up. It's a very good thing. :-)

Now, then, there is this month's dreamboard.

I painted the background, using gel medium and various colors of paint, in layers upon layers, on the New Moon. I never did manage to get all the glitter off of it, but it seemed today to actually work with the piece, so who am I to complain?

Since the New Moon, I can't tell you when because right now I am not really certain, I used modeling paste to build up some trench-like bits. When I started, I honestly didn't have anything in mind. I was playing. Just trying to see what the stuff would and could do. I let it dry, came back and added more paste, let it dry. Walked away from it and pretty much left it alone until tonight.

Good ideas always seem to hit me when I am on the phone w a client. :-) Tonight was no exception.

Now, in my mind, I have been planning this thing for over a week. As soon as I noticed the shape the paste was taking, I had an idea as to what I needed/wanted to do. In reality though, you might have thought I had forgotten its existence completely. I only touched it to move it out of the way, since it has spent way too much time on my kitchen table cum art studio. :-)

Tonight on the phone, I painted. Freestyle. You will not believe the layers of paint on that flower. Or how much blue is underneath all that red and orange. The first time I stopped and looked at it, I thought it had to be the ugliest flower I have ever seen. So I glued my picture on and let everything dry for awhile. Then I went back w another color paint and daubed it on. I experimented. I played. I had fun.

I paused again. I glued our fortune cookie fortune's to the board. So here I am combining R's, E's and my fortunes together.

The little figure in the bottom right corner--comes from the fortune cookie wrapper. She is so cute and so happy -- she screams good happy fortune and good happy luck to me. This is not the first time I have used this image in something. :-)

Of course, I had to have layers of glitter over all of this as well. A little touch of the fairy gilt always seems to enhance things. :-)

The woman there at the window represents great golden opportunities. SInce I am unconventional, at best, I am much more apt to open up a window than I am to open up a door. Doors I will bar and lock and barricade, but windows I always prefer to have open so the sunlight can come in. At least periodically anyway. :-)

The flower is of course fertility in motion. The bloom not quite open, moving towards the sun, growing, working itself into the open grace of full maturity. The entire piece moves with that passionate grace and persistent peace that floors me when I am not expecting to see it and yet catch a glimpse.

August is not only my month for blooming, but also for things come into fruition. When my time, my projects, my life, grow in to the full fruit. As things continue to grow, continue to put forth shoots and new blooms, so do good and even better things come to me, now that I have opened the way and allowed the Universe to work through me and with me, rather than having to fight to come around me to drag me along until my eyes are opened. :-)

This is a very good time in my life.

All fronts are healing, moving, growing, coming together, blossoming, bearing fruit. I am more than hopeful about things now. My trust and my faith are paying off. I still worry, because I am not used to good things, but I am slowly becoming somewhat more used to everything going well. I so appreciate that and I am so grateful for every everyone....