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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Wishcasting Wednesday-August 5

Well, a day late, but still....

The indomitable Jamie Ridler this week asks:

What do you wish to make room for?

Wow. See, yesterday I spent the day w the bf. Tuesday we took E to see a production of Hairspray--which we all enjoyed. We spent the night at his place w him. Even our dog spent the night.
Wednesday we spent the day w him. The man is a great cook. His bacon is perfect. His pancakes sublime. :-)
Hey-I have to give him credit when and where I can. :-)
I had thought 1 I'd be willing to check my email which would have led me to 2 taking client calls -- which I can do from any phone these days, mwha ahaha :-)

Sorry about that--couldn't resist it. I did not go near the computer at all yesterday, except for one tiny thing that the bf and I took care of. Which had nothing to do w my email at all.

Anyway, I missed the full moon dream board (mine is currently in progress as we speak--I hate waiting for paint to dry so I can add more colours :-) ) and I missed wishcasting--but that doesn't mean I didn't do them in my heart.

My exact thought--my exact intention--was whatever the question Jamie put forth yesterday and whatever my intention for the coming month, I would be living my wishes yesterday.

I spent the day with the man I love, making plans about the future, and shopping in a global food market and picking up things on whim just because they sounded good and because I could buy whatever I wanted if I chose to do so.

And then I looked at the question today.
What do I wish to make room for?

More days like yesterday--but not all the shopping and running around. That's cool in it's own way, but to have that every day would kill me.

I wish to make room for our budding relationship, our growing family, our growing commitment, our future together, our increased happiness together....and not just me, but the kids, and the dogs, and even the cruddy bird too....if I have to. :-)

I wish to make room for the future of my family. I wish to make room for the relationship w the bf to grow, infinitely. :-)

And I thank you all for wishing alongside me and helping my dreams come true.

P/S--dream board will probably be posted tomorrow--have to let the paint dry between coats and everything. :-)