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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wednesday Wishcasting -- That Means Today!

What do you wish for your family?

Wow. What a question with which to start off the day here.

Strange, too, how it is one of those questions I ponder so frequently, darn near daily some days.

So, are we talking short term or long term? And, truly, when we get down to it and examine the brass tacks—are they really so different?

What do I wish for my family?

I wish we as a family grow strong and close…and that we stay that way…no matter what comes at us…no matter who comes into the family, by whatever means, birth , marriage, dating, adoption, whatever.

I wish to establish such a strong family bond and firm foundation that when R or I pass the bonds remain as tight as ever between siblings and their families.

When my grandmother died, all semblance of unity evaporated. Sunday dinners stopped. Holiday get-togethers stopped. Admitting that that one dude over there really is your brother, whether you like him or not, stopped. No one knows anything about the cousins—or their families—or if they have families—or anything…

I want stronger ties than that. I want us all to genuinely love one another, even if we can’t always stand one another.

I wish that one or more of the kids will enter the family business—which at this point is completely doable. Real estate investment is the first one. The Farm is going to be the second one. At least now, thanks to the house we didn’t buy, I do know that my dream of the Rescue Ranch is still very applicable, even if I have to scale it down from my original vision…at least for now. That does not negate the possibility of buying that larger piece of land elsewhere later on…

I wish that when someone dies and people go through the pictures, someone knows who that person in the picture is…I wish that the sense of history and kinship is always there, throughout the generations.

Now, there are many other directions I could be taking this today…but for right now…this is more than enough. Everything else I am wishing for and about my family is already in the process of coming true…so pushing the agenda won’t do anyone any good.