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Monday, January 18, 2010

Wrote This Thursday, January 14

took me this long to remember it was here and in need of spell-checking...

Last night, after we went to look at vehicles--we test drove and walked away from a good deal on a truck, knowing we could come back later and get a better deal. So, we went out to eat and then--we went—bowling.
All this time, we’ve needed to get my bowling ball drilled. Last night, we did it. Not only did we get the ball drilled, we got to watch the guy drill the ball. I think R was a bit disappointed no one had to watch me bowl before drilling the way they did w him. Plus, it took the guy a few minutes to measure my hand—and a few minutes to drill the ball—and then—we were done…it took much longer for R to get his new ball back after he bought it and everything. Then again, he is a much better bowler than I am.
I don’t have a fancy ball—although I got a much better deal ordering it online than I thought I did, comparing my cost to the prices the bowling alley has. I got a very basic beginner’s ball, which, hello, is perfect for me, since that is what I am.
But my shoes? My shoes are very cool and they are great when worn, so at least Ii can look like I am a better bowler than I am, based solely on my shoes. lol
We did have to make an agreement w E though—when she is 16 yo, once her hands/body have stopped growing, we will buy her her own ball and get it drilled specifically for her.
Even though she has dibs on my current ball, if and when I ever decided to buy a better/different ball. And not give this one to tigers to play with or anything. Seriously.
Despite rude people on one side, we really did have a lot of fun bowling. Time for me to actually start studying though, if I am going to improve. I have to get all the “training” the ex-hub stuffed in my brain out of there—funny, since Mr. Bowling Is My Life only took us once, when my sister was in town—but bought me shoes and gave me the family heirloom ball and everything (I donated it all to the local veteran’s thrift store, along w whatever other bowling ‘stuff’ I ended up w…eons ago).
I am just not consistent. As bad as it sounds, I want a bowling alley in my house one day. If I could just practice without people around, I’d get the hang of it much more quickly. Sort of like driving a stick shift. If I could take R’s car and have a road where there is no traffic and there’s no one else around, I can futz w the silly thing until I have it down pat. That is how my mother learned to drive a stick—w an old VW bug (although it wasn’t so old then, to be sure) and a dirt road. An orange VW bug too. I heard the stories—I never saw it myself—although I apparently rode in the car when I was young—I don’t remember it—just the stories about it…

Bowling was fun.

Today, we didn’t make it to our house til late. I blame CSI. It doesn’t matter that one channel (don’t know which one off-hand) runs CSI for hours at a time and then repeats the episodes over. It doesn’t matter that the same episode that I had to sit and watch til this afternoon was about to come on when we returned early to R’s house (so I could make dinner). When that episode came on in the morning—I had to watch the entire thing, so I would know how it turned out. So, this time, I cannot blame E. It really was all me.

I bought a leather coat last night, before bowling. R and I were looking for something else, which I do think he managed to pick up too. Chains for a truck we do not yet own. And an HDMI cable for his new tv. I bought a full-length camel-toned, faux fur lined ankle length jacket. A jacket I had years ago, but …lost. A jacket I have wanted ever since. I walked into the store and it was hanging right there in front of me—and I snatched it up. $35 for a Wilson’s leather coat, suede and faux—sheep skin or whatever…in perfect condition. It fits as if made for me. Good thing it was there—I hadn’t taken a coat w me when we went vehicle shopping and I was freezing…
I made the mistake of wearing it to walk to my house this afternoon—since I had to run some fabric scent through the interior because it smelled –not like me—not bad—but not like me either. So, now it smells more—like lavender roses, I believe is the linen spray I grabbed. Why was it a mistake to wear? Well, we walk the half mile to our house. It’s 50+ degrees here. The snow is melting. I’ve seen muck-raker horses tromp and stomp through mud and water w more grace and less splash than my kid. I had thought, before leaving R’s house, that if I said something to her about stomping –it really is just how she walks—even when she tries to be careful—that the splashing would be kept to a minimum. Nope. Not really. I also planned to not take dogs with us today, but the look on Princess’s face when she knew we were getting ready killed that—and in order to keep up w the dogs, E and I had to pretty much walk side by side…luckily, only the inside of the coat got splashed—in either direction—going there or coming home. Ken looked as if she slept in a mud puddle while we were at the house—and knowing her—she probably did.

I am happy w the way the house is coming along, even though we didn’t stay there but for a couple hours today. I am finally reaching the end of the road for the major things, and making headway with the small things. I need to get some dvd shelves—whether for upstairs or down at this point I don’t care. I took pictures yesterday for friends—not that I found the cable yet to download anything but hey—I’m trying—and today—I re-arranged the living room—we started to take the tree down—which basically means all the decorations are off. The rest has to wait til tomorrow. R had to go put in his time volunteering to help disabled/blind skiers ski tonight. I had to make sure I was home in enough time to make dinner and have it ready in enough time before he had to leave. E and I were supposed to go w him, but … I had a client call and so, we go next week instead. E wants to learn to ski. Whatever floats her little boat. I was planning on taking the netbook and N’s sweater w me, so I could either write or knit—or do a little of both here and there.

I have access to nearly all my knitting needles and crochet hooks now. I definitely have access to all my yarn—except the yarn I used to pack the dvds. Yes, yarn and fabric make great packing materials. I have access to all my books—which absolutely fascinates me. Most of my cds are sadly still in a box—which I saw today—it’s lumped in –and under—all the dvds.
I put up the first picture on a wall today. The one Sarah drew that R bought on etsy for me. The Heart Of darkness, I believe. Now I feel more at home. The picture is hanging in the living room. The living room has been redone so it is more family oriented. The only other picture I have had up since we started moving stuff into that house? The Samurai Geisha Fairy also by Sarah. And my photo of Guruji Ananda, of course.

I was walking through my house today, thinking, we have to actually start living here soon. I love R, with all my heart. And I know that we will probably not sleep apart so long as we are in the same city…for the rest of our lives. But today, as I was gathering the ingredients for dinner and stuffing them in a bag in order to bring them to his house, I kept thinking, I have to get things more settled here so I can take care of the things I need to take care of, without having to run back and forth all the time. R has plenty of room both in dressers and in closets for whatever he is comfortable bringing over. And as sly as I am, I have no compunctions about buying clothes for him and keeping them at my house, just in case—or sneaking them into the closet at his house either. And he knows this! But, after December, I am strictly forbidden to buy him anything else—without specific permission—until after Valentine’s Day…it would be easier to have dinner ready at my house. R has a ton of spices—but I have more—and more exotic ones. Plus, I found a recipe for his spaghetti w peanut sauce—and I cannot make it at his house—I need the herbs and spices I have. I tend to shop at Global Foods a great deal—and I have a ton of Middle Eastern herbs and spices—because that is what I like. I love Thai food—and if I can make it myself, even better.
Not to mention, I have a brand new bread machine—that so blows away the old one the ex bought me…and I haven’t even used it yet…strange how my kitchen was the second room made ready. The first was the living room, so the kids would have something to do while I worked…that really does say a great deal about me, indeed.

I really do have to get w R and see when we are either going to buy a vehicle (we were so close last night) or when we are going to rent a vehicle. It will have to be during the week. I love my son, but boy can he be more than helpful. It takes us days to recover sometimes. I think R had enough of furniture shopping w N last Saturday. Although the car salesman we talked to last night definitely made the whole ikea/goconcierge thing crystal clear in my mind. Nope—not doing the ikea trip—unless R and I drive to Chicago to pick up a vehicle and then go to ikea while we are there. Instead, we are going back to the places we went last weekend—and according to this week’s ad, my kitchen table and chairs is there too—and on sale—so—but we are not doing it this weekend. I love my son. But I can’t handle buying furniture and chasing him up a set of bunk bed stairs too.