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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Having Fun With 8Things

For some reason, last week was so busy I totally forgot the days of the week—in fact, when T showed up Friday w N, I was a bit flummoxed…I thought it was Wednesday…so since I missed last week’s 8Things then, I am going to do them not. 
            I am not attempting to catch up w myself…I am simply giving myself permission to play.

            People I Want to Play With

Well, first, does it count if it’s people I already play with?
1.       R.  First of all, he is so much fun to mess w—and I love to wrestle w him.  He always manages to get hurt, somehow, but he is always careful not to hurt me—or any of the small people who attack him in my defense.  The dogs, however, are useless.  They don’t protect anymore, now that they are fairly sure we’re always just playing.  They come to protect the kids…I started screaming and no one cares.  **Snort**

2.      My kids—should this count as #2 or #s 2 and 3?  E loves to play board games and card games.  N loves to play chase me and tickle me games.  Except for the head butts to the face w N, I love playing w both of these snot heads.

3.      Which brings us to Ken and Princess.  Shadow is just too gimpy—but we do try to include the old man.  (These are all dogs, in case you’re wondering.)   Ken you throw things at—like balls, like paper cups, like whatever…she also wrestles—but she is as good w her feet as N is w his head butts.  Princess you can chase—and that means chasing Ken as well.  Then the best game is petting anyone but Ken, because El Needy Dog there goes bonkers—even if I am petting a stuffed animal!

4.      Now, outside my immediate realm of influence…I want to play w Nancy #2 from the Weaving Dept’s clearance barn (see my last post for a better explanation)—there is wool, spinning wheels, spindles, yarn and more yarn, needles, hooks and so much good conversation just waiting to be touched….

5.      Cirque Du Soleil—I always wanted to be an acrobat…and I love the unexpected…so much to learn, so much to explore…never a dull moment…

6.      Bellydancers—another thing I want to learn and something I love to watch.

7.      Gordon Ramsay—oh, come on—I love his style…I love his attitude…I love his approach to food.  He may come across gruff, to put it nicely, but the man CARES…and that is an amazing thing… 

8.      Cliché me, but sheep and flax farmers in Ireland, Scotland, that area…simply to be there in that environment and to live that life, to learn it and to be a part of it.  It is magical to me…