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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Shout Out To JoyRebel


Do you like the new banner for my blog?

Joyrebel made it for me. With very little input from me—other than the name KnittingJourneyman, the fact I like octopus and here’s a link to my blog to check it out. She created these two banners for me because she needed some samples for her portfolio. She was a bit surprised when I asked her how to credit her and where to send people who like her work. How could I not? Really?

I found her on facebook—I am not even sure how. I am not often allowed on my own facebook. My daughter has her Farmville quotes, her fish to feed in I don’t know how many different fish places and who knows what all else she does…much to many of my friends’ chagrin when they think they are IMing me and they get ignored…I saw Brandi’s little blurb about an offer to create banners and something made me jump on it—and I am ever so glad that I did.

Now. I told you what I told her. I gave her zilch. Really. You see which banner I have chosen to use. I have to give Brandi a big round of applause and a huge amount of gratitude. Not only is a beautiful banner…and the yarn is just to die for…yarn whore that I am…but she picked my two most favorite pictures on my blog to put in that banner…without prompting…without direction….she picked the two pictures that always speak absolute volumes to me.

It’s absolutely perfect. So, go check out her blog. See what she can do for you!