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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Writers Books, Really

Did I really say I was not going to buy any other writing or writers books this year? Really? Surely I was under the influence of something when I said that, right?
Oh, I know. I was completely in my right mind when I said it. I said no more books, unless absolutely necessary. It’s February. February. On my own, not gifted to me, nor given by me as gifts, I have purchased: knitting books, books on autism and aspergers, fiction, biographies, auto-biographies, writer’s books, computer books (which may be the only real books I ‘should’ have been buying anyway), books to aid my art, homesteading books, diy books, cook books, French girl books…and it is only February. Me saying I won’t be buying any books is tantamount to the sky falling in and squishing us all into little bugs.

I so should have known better. It gets worse. I can justify books bought for different groups…but when I reach, I have to have something to qualify for the $25 free shipping gimmick…and a great many of my books are bought…pre-loved…cutting down on clutter I can do, but books…books are life…they are education…they thrive in my environment…and I thrive in theirs…

Today I found out I really do need to learn to get along w Outlook better. I am starting to attend more webinars and other things…I am starting to have a schedule that extends farther than just the next couple days ahead. I am starting to need to actually plan things out better. My poor boyfriend…he is actually going to have to start scheduling things w me around my schedule. After not really having much of a schedule for so many years, this is sort of fun, on many levels. I just have to get myself a bit more organized. Not as difficult as it sounds. I may always feel as if I am behind, but when it comes down to getting something done, I do manage to get things done by deadline.

And now, back to work. So many things to do, other than lament my love of books.