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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Living the Wish ... Wishing For Life

Yesterday was a pretty busy day for me in the morning, so I didn’t get a good look at the Wishmaster Jamie’s question until early afternoon, as I was in the process of heading out the door to run some errands…and when I saw the question, I simply laughed—I was in the process of giving myself permission to follow some wishes right that moment. It was one of those days when I just KNEW I had to go out.

Now, my original plan had been to go to Kirkwood Knittery (10724 Manchester Rd, Kirkwood, MO)…but when we got into the truck and I programmed out the gps—the feeling just hit me, that no, I should not go there today—if I mean to stay “local” in my yarn whoredom, I need to stay much more local that the 20+ minutes (depending on traffic, more like 30+) to drive the truck out that far…I wanted to stay close to home for some reason. It ended up being a very good thing.

First, value Village, one of our favorite thrift stores, was having a half off everything sale—so I let E have some fun…I will admit, I bought myself this gorgeous formal gown that I had seen there for weeks and weeks…and if I can manage to get a gown that expensive for $4 it was a good deal—except I got it for $2 and now feel more like a queen than ever…and R was mightily impressed…and I threw the whole now you have to take me somewhere where I can wear the dress at him…so we are going to go to the symphony, which we both love. Mwahahaha…the only issue w the dress? Well, the dress itself has one small spot at the hem I knew I could get out by hand…but…I don’t own such a soft grey pair of shoes…and when I buy the shoes, they need to have heels, because this dress is more than long enough for me (all 5’11+” of me) to wear…and it even has a train…and since it has no sleeves or shoulders or anything…that means a shawl…and the Avenue Q shawl I am in the process of making at this moment will not be adequate…more on the whole shawls thing in a bit…

Then, right next door to Value Village, is the little book store called Annie’s. We have seen them there; we have wanted to go in; usually they are closed when we are there. So we’ve never been able to go in. Yesterday, they were open. On February 23, they had started to put up signs: store closing, everything must go. I am planning to take R back simply to look at the bookshelves, real wood, not sagging, even under the staggering amount of books. We spent $22 at Value Village, between E and N, and the game mousetrap…we spent $26 at Annie’s. E found brand-new Dr Seuss books—I found the Beauty trilogy by Anne Rice. I found books by Stephen King I never heard of…and I am currently sucking down ‘from A Buick 8’, which came out in 2002 and I have never heard of. I started it last night and am already on page123—and my faith in Stephen King and his ability to scare the pants off me in the most subtle ways imaginable…has been restored…and so far…he has used the word ‘knit’ or a derivative thereof no less than 3 times…funny, the things I notice. I am not ready to curl up under his arm and listen to his scary tales just yet…but I am much more open to the possibility now…after being so disappointed for too many years…although his son who writes, Joe Hill, he is the master now… Yesterday, I did discover that Tabitha King has continued to write…after reading her first two books eons ago, I had to pass, even at $1 a book for soft covers. I bought a brand new hardback of Alice Hoffman’s new book –or what I am taking as her new book. I love Alice Hoffman…she wrote ‘Practical Magic’ and, as much as I love the movie, I cannot urge you strongly enough to read the book—it’s a horse of another color entirely.

After the bookstore, and a quick trip to dollar tree since the not-blonde girl needed a new hairbrush to keep at R’s house so she has no excuses for not brushing all the rats out of her head in the mornings, we went to the Weaving Dept
The quilting shop, if I remember correctly is, Helen’s Little Hen House (I *think*)—I tried so hard to remember, but by the end of the trip, I totally lost my mind! First there is the yarn part…
See, I had given myself permission 1 to allow E to pick out yarn for my birthday (I am not ashamed to take her out and let her pick something out for me—and she got the clerk involved in picking stuff out and they did an excellent job) and 2 to buy yarn for my wedding shawl…as my prototype is turning out magnificently—but I want that shawl made in beautiful yarn, not in caron simply soft…which is my test yarn to make sure I have the pattern right…I did manage to decide I want an alpaca/silk blend, roughly dk weight—although I didn’t buy it—because while talking to another yarn whore—I mean, another dedicated yarn enthusiast, and she told me about the barn. The barn has wonky hours, which is why I’d never been there before.
Barn hours are Mon, Tues, Wed, and Sat, from 11a to 3p.
I had 10 mins to get there and get some clearance yarn….except, I spent more like 45 minutes there and walked out w free fiber and no yarn, but a book on teaching myself to spin.
Now, let me explain. There is the main building, w the quilt shop on the first floor and the yarn shop on the second floor. The barn is a few steps away, on the other side of the parking lot.
I dragged my starving child down the stairs and across that parking lot as fast as I could. Now, you walk in the front door and directly to the right is the Clearance barn section of the Weaving Dept. I heard, vaguely, the noises of a restaurant on the left side—but, honestly, naked women could have been belly dancing atop beautifully decorated elephants while juggling baby tiger cubs and I would never have even noticed…I saw yarn…everything else ceased to exist.
Nancy #2 (there are 3 Nancy’s who work there) is an absolute DELIGHT. Not only did she give us tremendously great conversation—but—she gave us a demonstration on a lady bug spinning wheel—which is now officially the spinning wheel E wants me to get, e her love of lady bugs and all. She also gave us a demonstration on using a hand spindle—which I have owned two now for what, three years. I was given a pouf of alpaca fiber, partially spun, on the one spindle—and I have never had a clue what to do w it. Nancy says learning to spin w alpaca is not the easiest thing in the world. Then she pulls out the wool roving—and I swear my heart stopped…she gave me a quick lesson, a handful of the roving to play w on my own…and suggested a book for me to buy—which I promptly did…we did discuss the best model spinning wheel for a beginner—and Nancy gave me a recommendation that I love, a traditional Ashford, which is good for beginner’s, but it will also grow w you…I didn’t buy a wheel right then and there—although I have been planning to buy a spinning wheel for years now…but I now have plans to do so very soon…

Heaven. I am in Heaven. I tell you. I now have this local yarn shop, this beautiful wonderful place, full of yarn and good people, and I am planning to take some classes, any classes, there, just to be a part of things again. You have no clue how very huge the surge in my creative juices hit while I was there.

So. After all that muddle there…let me get to my wishing. A day late, but none the less, just as powerful!

I wish to give myself permission to:

1. Buy that spinning wheel—and whatever fiber I need to buy in order to practice, actually use the wheel, and get good at it.
2. Knit those shawls, w the fibers I want to knit them w, and enjoy them to no end.
3. To walk away from work early and to take the classes I want to take, to enjoy the things that I enjoy, without guilt or anything else.
4. To write and to write some more…because there are so many things I have to say these days that won’t sit still and wait for me to get around to things.
5. To pick up the pencils, the pens, the paints, and create create create.
6. To play w the clay…and if need be, set up the burn barrel in the back yard (w the right permits of course) and raku the heck out of things…

Mwahahaha—so much research to do…so many things to get into and get in trouble over…all the fiber….all that YARN! Hahaha