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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My Mojo Rising

My mojo is up and running. I told you in my last post how Kerry’s Muse threw my Muse this seemingly easy—or meaningless—toss and my Muse totally went bat sh*t over it. I am looking forward to rebuilding and redeveloping myself. Basically, I am all still me. It seems to be all in the presentation. I have spent all too much time trying to figure out the best way to put myself out there, in every different field—as a writer—as an artist—as an artisan—as a crafter—as a mother—as a teacher—as a counselor (the spiritual kind)—as a healer…all of it. I have been told, in person, by mentors, by associates, by friends, by books, by classes, by websites—you narrow the focus down. You should have your blog – or your store—or your whatever—have one single focus. If you have another focus, you set up another blog, open up another store…whatever. But you keep them separate. Even in my writing group expeditions, each journey, each class, each effort, had its own blog, its own notebook, its own conditions…I had six? Seven? Different writing blogs as of earlier this week. As of this morning, I have one. I combined all of them into one blog. If wordpress would make it simpler to import wordpress into blogger…all my writing would be on this blog and the wordpress scene and I would gently leave one another’s company for the most part. Although… I did purposely choose wordpress for the next blog as wordpress is a more professional setting and once we decide we need our own website, wordpress will integrate there far more easily—so I am trying to think ahead to other things.

I do not like the 50000 blogs, one for each subject. This isn’t high school—and each subject does not require its very own notebook here. My life is not compartmentalized. My boyfriend will be more than happy to tell you how unable I am to compartmentalize things. If one thing bugs me, my whole world shudders. If my world shudders, the ripples touch everyone around me, like it or not. Even when I am stuffing and hiding things, he sees that and reacts accordingly—which is downright scary, as the man is so bloody intuitive at times. As if I didn’t know that about him…but to see it in action and have it applied to me, it still unnerves me. Not in a bad way though.

I do – a great many things. I offer—a great many services. Many of my habits, hobbies, abilities, whatever, blend and meld into one another. Some of my healing work loops naturally over into my writing – or my knitting—or any other odd number of things that I do. I make ritual soaps, ritual candles, ritual…lots of things…from writing the ceremonies to …embellishing them w physical objects…and darn near everything in between. How do I set up a series of blogs that says here is what I do—and if you like that, go here to this other blog and search for this, because you’ll like this too. That drives me nuts, just thinking about the upkeep of everything.

I take heat now and then for not updating my work blog any more often than I do—which is a rare thing usually, as I don’t really do much w that blog. My work blog is pretty much up for general purposes, to provide information to people who have heard about me and have more questions, but aren’t quite ready to talk to me directly yet. I get many people saying, oh yes, I read your blog, but it is the word of mouth recommendations for the things I do that bring them, not anything they read on my blog. My work blog will either scare the heck out of you, because even in some of the more …pagan-esque? Circles that I walk around and in, I am considered more than a little out there…or you will feel that instant click and you’ll see that working together is a good thing for you. Either way, I do not and will not judge. I am simply tired of trying to find words to explain the questions put to me, by clients, family and friends and I set it out there to be read at the other party’s leisure. I don’t expect anything to come from the blog—even though I do get some interesting feedback and interviews because of it.

Yes, I want to push forward more strongly in the healing arts range that I have, but until I am able to drive or more willing to interview strangers, I am not planning to do that full time. Those that are recommended to me by people I know, I work with and I love working with them.

Yet…I want to work more on the artistic side of my life…the writing, the drawing, the painting, the weaving…yada yada yada…but…I have no desire to turn my back on my healing work either…so…I may not take the other blogs down, but I don’t promise to work on them anymore either—the exception being this blog, as it is my personal blog—and if I cannot unload here about all the stupid minutiae in my life, where else can I go?

So, I cannot really tell you what is going to happen. I have no desire to dismiss the selling blog either. I am not so sure that the blog I am in the process of creating is a sales blog…a propaganda blog is far more likely…but to what end, I am not completely clear on at this point.

I just know this is what I am doing. I know that Kerry was led to call me the fay of the crossroads for a reason…and the levers that it tipped at the time really hit me the right way very powerfully…and as I am wont to do, as the mood strikes me, I do follow it as far as it takes me.

As soon as the new blog is ready for public consumption, I shall reveal it to all. Thank you all for your support.