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Monday, February 22, 2010

Curtains and Such

R bought a shark steam cleaner this week-end. He steamed—everything he could find. He steamed the curtains in the bedroom. In so doing, he decided to take down things he didn’t like—like the black scarf over the one window in his bedroom. He hated that thing—it was a dust collector and nothing more—not that I had any appreciation for it. In a bedroom like his, black is completely inappropriate. Plus, the entire thing was just—wrong…inelegant…and butt ugly. It was the only black accent there—the only black accent—not just in the room—but in the entire house—it was tacky. The lack of finesse and grace, and the utter insipidity of the piece always bothered me. But, since it’s not my house, I didn’t say a word. However…now I have permission to redo and change out all the curtains in the house... I get to have fun and change things up in a much better way.

I do not like the curtains in R’s bedroom—they are about to go, as soon as I find ones I like. I like the sheerness of the fabric, because light comes in…but the color is heinous, especially for a man who dislikes red as much as R does. It is the dark shade of red too, a dried blood maroon, that makes me, who loves red, cringe at how bad it looks. Funny how he doesn’t like them though, and they are in his bedroom. Three guesses on how they got there. He does not complain when any woman does anything to/in his house. Not since I’ve known him. Which on one hand is good for me—and on the other is pretty good for him, since he and I have the same ideas about most things.

I don’t like his current color scheme though. He would have a cow if I told him it’s because he and the ex have the same color scheme—and I always disliked it—forest green and maroon. Maybe I liked it at one time, but not anymore. Which for me is strange. I am very into greens. And I love red. But, much like the burnt dried blackened maroon of the curtains in his bedroom (that go w nothing that I can see in the whole house and are not his ‘normal’ shade of maroon), it’s just wrong. It simply does not fit—and it’s just not appealing on any level. It’s just so wrong. Now I get to change it all, one step at a time. Although azure blue and pristine white—never going to happen w these dogs—or these kids.

My own personal color scheme is more blues and yellows and whites. That alone says a great deal. R and I do have so much in common. I have already started to swing the bedroom in a different color direction already, with the new bed spread, thankfully, so instead of my own desire for reds in the bedroom, I can manage a nice blue, which works for me. Unless I hit the chocolate range again…which will work in that room. I am also trying to think ahead…because the carpet will be going away within the next couple months (woo hoo). I don’t want dark curtains—I don’t want dark colors there, in the bedroom…but the medial blue like he has in the living room…I don’t want that either. I like the blue curtains…I just don’t think they are the right color for the bedroom.

He gave me permission to re-do all the curtains…which may or may not bode well for him. But I sure am going to have fun. I like lots of light coming in—without the neighbors being able to look in. I can’t wait.
Seems rather tacky to say—this may be the best birthday present I’ve gotten yet this year.

R and I have also been talking. It is time to sit down and go over the numbers. We are really not accomplishing much w my house being used for storage, more than anything else. We do need things to settle down just a bit more, but I do believe in the next few months, we will be looking for that new, bigger house for all of us as a family to settle into…it seems like this is something we knew was coming…and we did…we just didn’t expect it to happen so quickly. And it is a morbid thing to sit and think, if not for an ailing dog, we might have made different choices…bought a different house, already have combined both households…at least he no longer feels guilty that things move so quickly between us. We have both long known now that we are supposed to be together and that we work well together. Neither of us is willing to give up the other. No matter what kind of garbage other people may give us about how quickly it seems things move w us.