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Friday, July 17, 2009

BIG NEWS (about my work)

I no longer work for the network.

At least, I don't think I do. Last I heard, they were kinda serious about keeping me and wanting me to work more hours since I'd cut back on them lately. Not that I had any intentions of increasing them again, but still.

Yesterday, I spent the day knitting a doll for my niece, which is what I will be finishing today.It has to be done by Saturday.
I decided early in the day that I was going to cut my hours back to only the required eighteen per week. That phone call I'd had from them the night before did not sit well with me at all in any way. Even before i was off the phone I knew it was only a matter of time before things ended one way or another...and the thought made me very happy.

My boyfriend was planning to come over in the evening (which he did), and by mid-day I was planning to ask him what he thought about me quitting the network completely. Instead of hanging on for clients, etc. I haven't had my own space a whole month yet, and I am already doing alot better on my own than with anyone else.

I logged in to the network. No calls. Which as the New Moon approaches is not a big deal really. Except that I knew someone was planning to call me and she didn't. And she always does when she says she will. Even in times of turmoil.

I also know that the network has been removing me from listings lately while I have been logged in. I've had a couple different clients complain in the past week about my name not coming up for hours in the directory, while I was logged in--and it wasn't the website directory, where I still reside actually, according to several people who checked today--it was the phone directory (the one where you hear the available psychics currently available when you dial in to the network), which they claim "never has issues". I know better, but who cares at this point. I figured I was being black-balled--I've seen them do it periodically over the past year+ I've worked there, for no reason at all. As long as my bills are paid, so what do I care if I get a break now and then.

I went to log out at the end of my session, actually it was the end of my scheduled shift and an hour earlier than I normally log out. But that shouldn't have caused issues.

I couldn't log out. Which with this network is a bad thing, especially if I fall asleep and miss calls. My phone number would not work in the system. I tried it several times, to be certain I was putting it in right, because there are days I have to put it in like five times before I get it right. No dice. I was not allowed to log in or out or anything. So I emailed them, in case there was a computer glitch and I got tagged for missed calls. Today it seems my phone numbers are blocked from the toll free number completely. The lack of professionalism on their part reeks of the issues I have had with them all along.

Now. I have not received a phone call from them. I have not received an email. No one has told me a thing. No one has responded to my emails. Not that I expect them to. Other than responding to the receipt of email readings have I really ever gotten a response from them on any topic whatsoever, except when I moved and changed phone numbers, but it was they who initiated it, not responded to the ones I sent, for the most part. So, I am not expecting anything. Except that they will want/need my call logs and they are going to have to tell me how they want them...and when I am getting my last check--although I am betting dollars to donuts they find excuses to boffo that, just as they always find 2 weeks worth of missed calls, not one week and not three weeks or anything so they can screw up an entire check rather than just one week.....

I deleted two posts here on my blog recently for them, at their request, simply because I used the name of the network--once in neither a negative or positive way, just as a matter of fact, and that bugged them.

I have no grudges against the network, so it's not as if I am going on a bashing spree or anything. I don't have the time, the inclination or anything else. I will honestly give my opinion of them every time I am asked though. I know way too many people in real life that act like the network does--we are so good for you as we drive the nails even farther into your coffin....that sort.

My honest opinion is if you are going to call a telephone service for a psychic, use California Psychics (I think it's -- they treat their people well...their system is great...the people on there I've talked to are good...and their clients love them...I've never heard anyone complain about CA psychics...and most of the people who have told me this were the clients of mine on the network who were telling me to leave the network and go to CA psychics....which I will not be doing because I am doing more than well enough on my own...and that's with minimal marketing effort at the moment. But, I have hired someone to help with that, so no worries there.

Honestly, I cannot tell you, since their computers are always screwed up, no matter what they say or how they spin things, if it was an honest mistake, because I did absolutely nothing yesterday I haven't done the entire time I have worked for them, or if they lied on the phone call the other night and cut me off purposefully..or if they read my blog and didn't like what I said about them without naming them or what...either way...since they have chosen not to communicate anything with me or to me in any way, shape, form or manner--I do not care. I am taking this as a Gift from God. Whether they mean to be rid of me or not, I am done with them.

As soon as it hit me that I wasn't inputting my number in wrong, I got this great big shiny big feeling...this is SUCH a good thing. I am so happy. I am normally Tigger of Winnie the Pooh bouncy anyway--now give Tigs an ounce of coke or something...and that's where I was last night (minus the coke--natural highs only...heck, I can't even drink COFFEE right now!) jumping and bouncing all over the place...all night. I woke up that way this morning too. Still smiling, ear to ear, and happy happy happy. My happy happy joy joy, not my happy happy kill kill (it's from a bumper sticker, well, 2 different bumper stickers....) The yoke I have been wearing and struggling with is now gone. So, I will be spastic about other things now...but...I can DO things again.

I have my week-ends back. (camping, hello!). I have no stress (which I had pretty much stopped the last two weeks anyway, and it has been such an amazing gift as well) about I have to log in I have to log in, am I getting enough hours. Blah blah blah. I don't have to worry about speaking to people with whom I have no desire to speak or worrying about if I do not speak to this person will I lose my job. With my network, 'missed calls' are a thing of the past, which works for me. Now, if I am on the line w a client and someone else calls, if the client chooses, I get an email requesting a call--back from the other client. So when I am done with one, I automatically connect to the next one. I love that. I can block callers on this network, as one particular lonely gentleman caused me to discover the other night, which makes me feel a little bit more secure about things.

And did I not say that as soon as I confirmed whether I am pregnant or not, I was out of there if I were, sooner if I am rather than later if I'm not.

With all of this wonderful new energy and incredible new possibility and a beautiful new freedom, I am opening my schedule up that much more.
I have to update the websites and everything but normal open call hours run from 8a to 9p CST for all callers from Canada and the US.
It will only be a matter of time before I open my own official network now, or so I am assured by my own people and circle of psychics.
Thank you everyone for all your support and love and wishes and peace and everything else. I couldn't have done this without you.