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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Today Is Wednesday

Let's make a wish.

Our beautiful Wish Master Jamie asks:

What do you wish to nurture?


There are so many things I could say here.
I long to nurture the Writer within me.
Which is why I signed up for three months of writing instruction with Heather Blakey of SoulFoodCafe.

I long to nurture the Artist within as well. Which is why I have so many art supplies and instruction books laying around. I ordered a new drawing book yesterday and am looking forward to getting my grubby little paws on it. Plus, I have joined another drawing? group in order to have prompts and some critiquing as well.

I long to children, my lover....but I work at all those things....

There is one aspect here that although I have asked for help nurturing her I have not yet received it....
the Woodland Nymph that lives and thrives in my Soul. She wants to go outside, long from civilization, far from humans, just out in the woods where I don't have to smell that 'funny' smoke in the air (the one that if I could trace I'd have the cops here every day since it's coming in my windows), where I don't have to hear people's music thumping and bumping as they drive up and down the roads, where I don't have to hear kids arguing during the day or adults screaming during the night (it only happens on the week-ends....really)...somewhere where there is no tv, no telephone, no computer (gasp! no computer!)
My boyfriend is supposed to be working on scheduling a time to take me out in the woods, with or without both kids. This week-end, being the Fourth of July in the US, is not the week-end to go out. So, he's planning something, I am sure. I've asked, twice now. When I start to get depressed, throwing me out in the woods is the best elixir in the world.

My Woodland Nymph is vastly different from my Inner Child. The Nymph loves to play. Usually she is fine. I have vast forests and mountain ranges in my head. AS well as the Irish cliffs by the sea. But frequently these days, she has been urging me out of doors, which in this heat is not really feasible for me, but out in the woods, where there are trees and shade, I can manage the heat better. I work better if I am not in the sun. Go figure.

Anyway, this is my wish.
I wish to nurture my Lovely Woodland Nymph in my heart by taking her out into the woods to hike and play and saunter along as a woodland creature might.....