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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Nobody's Worth This Much Pain

poetic asides prompt 051

Nobody is worth this much pain
Not for me
There is no sense in spending so much time
Curled up in my bed
Alone in the dark
Sobbing because you’re not here
And I can’t go there
No matter how much I want to
There is no sense at all
In my wanting to pick up the phone and call
Just to talk about things,
Just to cool down after a harsh incident,
And not being able to
Due to circumstances beyond my control.
There is no sense
In sinking my teeth into your shoulder
At that very precarious moment
And having to stop myself
Because the no marks rule is still in effect
There is no reason I have to hurt like this
There is no reason you have to hurt like this
I know it can’t be easy on you
Carrying this burden
This stinking carcass of an old worn-out horse
Over your shoulder.
It doesn’t have to be this way.
Not between us.
All you have to do is put that old horse down
And walk away.
It’s the best thing you can do
For everyone involved.
There’s a bigger picture here.
It’s not just you and me.
There are other people.
Other forces.
Everything all around.
All you have to do is let go
Of that one thing
And then reach out,
Take my hand and hold on tight.
Watch the magic commence.