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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

July Full Moon DreamBoard

July 7, 4:21 am - Full Moon, 4:38 am - Lunar Eclipse

The Blessing Moon

Dive into the juicy energy of the July Full Moon and swim deep in her blessed, abundant energy. Dream, meditate and intuitively divine, there's great magickal strength, power and clarity in this time. Let visions flow, so you know how to best prepare for the hard work that harvest requires. Plan your steps to success, within the garden and within your life. Know what you will harvest and how you will store it to sustain you throughout the winter - that time of death and dark journeying. Gather herbs for drying and preservation, preparing for magick, medicine and sustenance. And in a spirit of celebration, leave an offering in the moonlight, in the garden or out of doors, for the spirits of nature. Thank them for the radiant abundance.

The above from the Witch SuperCenter July newsletter.
Yes, I read really weird stuff...but where else can I find accurate Moon information and folklore? :-)

Jamie says:
It's the full buck moon and we have fully arrived in summer. Now is the time to get into action, to sense your own power, to step up and in to all that you want to create this month. What will it be?

And please make sure you check out her site; she is getting ready to open up and announce a whole new blog and direction. It's going to be incredible!

Now, for my own stuff.
I've actually been contemplating the Full Moon Dreamboard for days now.
Thanks to Jamie, all the Full Moon Dreamers, all the Wishcast Wednesday wishers, I have alot of things moving and shaking and just booming forward. It shouldn't take me more than a month or two, if that, to get off the network and work solely on my own. Which is going to be STUNNING!
I also have to thank my significant other, because without his support I'd never have the confidence to do half of what I do.

Last night it came to me what I want this month:
I want to know what to do to push all my changes forward. I want ...fruition....I want to reach that point where I can say ah, now all I have to do is maintain things, instead of fighting to get them going.....
Instead of being in the birthing process, I want to hold the baby in my to speak. :-)

What hit me so succinctly last night was--getting from here to there.
My copy of 'Everyday Matters' by Danny Gregory came in yesterday afternoon. He was talking about while his wife was in the hospital, asking why this happened to her, to them. All he wanted to know was how do we remake our lives and be happy again....
He wanted to know--how do we get from here to there....which really struck me hard.
This is my perennial question and complaint. I never know or see or understand--how do I get from here to there....
I want to--but I don't know how...tell me me how...explain it to me.....

My life is about baby steps. One little step, taking me, from here to there. :-)
I get that.
I can fathom and savvy that.
I'm good with that.

Add into it, my from here to there, gaining the clarity and focus to see which step I should take when....when to increase my stride...when to set aside my pride...
the 'dream seeds prompt' from SoulFood Cafe. Not that I have looked very hard, because I know it is there, but the only link I can find right off-hand is on a locked blog--so slog around a bit--there is so much to SFC--it is there.
The Dream Seeds have to do with the plant life you see around my path here in the painting.
These plants and trees are the fruits of the seeds I have planted, lining the way, showing me that I am doing the right thing and heading the right way.
The path is made of stone, rough and uneven and coarse, but I never expect anything to be smooth or easy, because if it were I would immediately distrust it. But trouble doesn't stop me--I keep going.

The one picture is of the painting in a sleeve because I was hoping that the sleeve would deter the curling--I didn't set out to use watercolour pencils....much less actual water colour paints (boy, do I have alot to learn about the water colour paints :-) BUT I love them!) I used a heavy drawing paper...and it of course curled up.

I do have some water colour paper notebooks...think I may have to try those tomorrow...wah hoo!